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An easy substitute for 'girls will be arrogant whores.'
- In the case of early-teens anyway.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 03, 2003
A dismissive excuse for PMS and/or bitchiness, manipulation, mind games, ludicrous shopping sprees, selfishness, and narcissism.
A: Then she stole my wallet, kicked me in the nuts, and broke up with me! ;.;
B: Alas... girls will be girls.
by FriedKitten October 10, 2003
A cliche often used by wives to husbands after their daughter has been caught screwing the high school football team.
Oh Arthur, we've all done it. Girls will be girls.
by byronic11 October 02, 2003
This term does not exist. Girls are seldom excused for ANY behavior whatsoever.
People are never lenient when it comes to girls.
by Diane December 19, 2004

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