A wonderful tape in which bodacious babes take off their garments in order to please the viewer.
Girls gone wild is an excellent show because you can see beautiful women take off their clothes.
by l337 December 20, 2004
Top Definition
A video that's the same damn thing with each new "volume", but guys are too horny to tell the difference.
"See drunk college girls flashing their tits! See more drunk college girls flashing their tits! See even more drunk college girls flashing their tits AT SNOOP DOGG!"
by Sarahsuke June 09, 2003
Video documentation demonstrating that most girls, regardless of their educational status, will transform into cheap whores after getting a couple shots of tequila into them.
Check out the Ivy League pre-med major flashing her tits and eating her sorority sister's pussy on that 'Girls Gone Wild' video!
by Proud_Conservative_1973 October 22, 2004
Stupid quasi-porn. If you want to beat off, get some real porn.
GIRLS GONE WILD!!!!!!!!!!! Now with an additional 3 seconds of screen time for each pair of boobs! Order now!
by Rakeyohn December 06, 2003
Pornographic videos that show young girls taking off their shirts at spring break, mardi gras, and other events. Most of the girls that do this are very stupid and therefore desreve the ridicule they get.
How most of the conversation goes on the "Girls Gone Wild" videos:
Camera man: I'll give you some money if you show me your tits.
Girl (strong southern accent): Okay!
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
Quasi-pornography. A collection of videotaped live Mardi Gras/Spring Break events where female college students expose their breasts for beads/a shirt/indignity/angry parents. Further reinforcing that all women are sex objects and pushing the feminist movement back several steps; consequently losing their footing and falling down the staircase.
WARNING: This commercial is not suitable for children!

OMG GIRLS GONE WILD!!! You've never seen this before! HOT YUNG COLLEGE GURLS -- NAKED!! Order now for only $19.99!
by anonymous, yo October 18, 2005
"Documentary" of spring break, mardi gras, and other events in which girls will get naked for a useless item.
by Mike Truitt June 14, 2003
A series of male entertainment videos that cannot truly be considered pornography. Mostly filmed during Mardi Gras or spring break, it features young college-aged girls exposing themselves. The girls, however, fail to engage in sex acts for prolonged periods of time, and the video's party/comedic theme makes it difficult for men to use as stimulation during masturbation.
I tried to jack off to girls gone wild, but I couldn't really get off to ten minutes of Joel Rogan handing out Heineken t-shirts followed by three seconds of tits.
by Stuart Levy April 13, 2006
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