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When one male does not have the ability to stay focused on one girl for more than a short period of time.
Marshall-"Lizzie, You are amazing. Lizzie lets hang out"
--- they hang out ---
Lizzie-"why were you ignoring me"
Marshall-"I think we should be friends, I've moved on to someone else."
----two days later----
Marshall- "OH MY GOD you are so gorgeous i like you!"
Lizzie- "okay we should hang out and get to know each other better"
------they hang out and marshall GRABS ALL OVER HER-----
Marshall- "Are you going to the club on tuesday?"
Lizzie- "yeah i will see you there!"
---Marshall COMPLETELY ignores her and dances with 2 other girls--
Marshall-"You looked so good last night and i was jealous!"
Lizzie-"uh WTF, you are SO girlpolar!"
by thatlemonadeismightyfine July 12, 2008
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