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The asshole thing that most dudes do to every chick they meet. They immediately assume that if they are a "nice guy" they will be rewarded with pussy and rainbows. If the rainbows are not shiny enough, venomous hate is rained down upon the ladyfolk, saying that the poor manboys have been "friendzoned".
Dude I am the nicest cocksucker around but somehow none of the panties of girls I deem fuckable drop when I walk by. My world is sadder and specialer than unicorn jizz.

...Well if you'd stop girlfriendzoning every woman you meet we wouldn't have to shit on your balls day in and out. it's fucking exhausting, really. And I ran out shits to give years ago so I've been phoning in the bile for quite a while now anyway.
by hashtag clever January 27, 2014
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