A person every straight man should have in his life. They come in several varieties including casual, regular and serious. The casual girl friend is usually very unreliable and may be having casual relationships elsewhere.
A girl friend adds balance to the life of a single man. Get a girl friend should be a slogan used by doctors. A man with a good honest girl friend is much healthier than a man on his own as he takes more pride in his appearance and physical fitness.
by Criostoir Hulme August 25, 2005
Penis depository
My girlfriend is the best penis depository
by Sgt. SkullFucker May 28, 2015
Hey man don't you wish you had one? I had a girlfriend. but then I took an arrow to the knee
by IAMSNUFFY May 25, 2015
A temporary girl you'll keep around for a few months to show your family.
Low significance until considered a Fiancé or becomes pregnant- then everyone magically cares.
"He has a girlfriend? He'll drop her in a few months."
by SperanzaHope January 29, 2015
The people you band together when you are a friend. You usually plan other's demises with them and are only together because of a fight or a compromise of that sort. You aren't really trusting of each other.

Can also be used to refer to the term, cheating on ___

May also mean friends that are close and go out to have fun, used for girls in this sort.
Me and my Girl-Friends were planning the demise of our mortal enemy
He had two girl-friends at one time, when they found out he was in trouble
Me and my girl0friends were going out for coffee
by Complete-Awesomeness February 10, 2010
What I need but can't get cuz girls seem to hate me.
I can't get a girlfriend!
by Solorider August 09, 2007
Piece of ass that will not leave.
"That bitch has been here for three days! WTF is she your girlfriend or something?"
by gentleJuggernaut December 24, 2009

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