The shit you will never get
Why don't I get a girlfriend...CAUSE I'M FUCKING LONELY BITCHES
by THEPINNAPPLE January 08, 2015
Another term for your right hand.
Im writing with my girlfriend.
by Astute February 17, 2014
A girl that you have to spend your time and money with. Most of your free time is takin so their isnt anytime for your bros or for xbox/playstation. Most guys only get them because they are lonly or want to get laid.
1) Bro 1: Come hang and play some xbox with the bros tonight!

Bro 2: Can't, I have a girlfriend.

2) "Man, Im getting laid tonight!"
by Manuel11 December 03, 2013
(esp. in Australian English) A very close female friend often of another female. Does not necessarily imply any monogamous or sexual connection rather a strong social bond. Typically in this context used by one female to describe another and indicate a close friendship. Indistinguishable from the form "girl friend" in this use and can be written either way.
"I'm out shopping with my girlfriend"
"My girlfriend and I went to that concert"
To avoid ambiguity "My girlfriend and both our partners went to the pub on Saturday"
by Gwiwer57 August 17, 2013
Something society deems important despite its insignificance and pointlessness. Something nonessential.
Friend #1: Dude, you seriously need to get laid, why not get yourself a girlfriend?

Friend #2: Because they're utterly pointless, you can't give me a good reason to have one.

Friend #1: Dude, you really need to get laid.
by Charles The Doodle Noodle August 29, 2009
Someone who you endlessly waste your time and money on, so she can repay you by screwing you over for someone else, and still have the nerve to ask you to be her friend. Cuz she thinks shes all that
Any girl I've ever met.
by towel401 October 04, 2004
A girlfriend is one of the best things that will ever happen to you.
1) Ralan's girlfriend Alanna is pretty and funny.

2) Ralan is lucky because his girlfriend is Alanna.
by Manuelr11 January 06, 2014

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