A female who means the world to you. Someone who you love, would die for, and would do anything just so they could smile. If she is feeling sad, so will you. Vice versa if she's happy. You must treat this person right, respectfully with allot of love and care.
I cannot wait till I can see my girlfriend this weekend!
by Superjj9930 May 06, 2015
That girl you hang out with without sexual interests. Other people usually assume that both of you are fuckbuddys though.
" Hey dude, is that your girlfriend?"
"Yes but not that kind of way."
"So your just friends with benefits?"
"No she's just my Girl Friend."
"So she is your girlfriend?"
"No stupid we're just friends."
by Soviet Iran April 05, 2015
A term describing the act of spending all of the money you worked hard to save towards something or things you've been really looking forward to get yourself, on another person, who's happiness and joy means more to you than any thing else money can buy.
I just got my girlfriend a fancy note worth of fun and exciting things for her birthday! I know it's already been 7 years, but that custom fursuit design can wait another couple months..
by SeiRruf April 02, 2015
Something society deems important despite its insignificance and pointlessness. Something nonessential.
Friend #1: Dude, you seriously need to get laid, why not get yourself a girlfriend?

Friend #2: Because they're utterly pointless, you can't give me a good reason to have one.

Friend #1: Dude, you really need to get laid.
by Charles The Doodle Noodle August 29, 2009
Someone who you endlessly waste your time and money on, so she can repay you by screwing you over for someone else, and still have the nerve to ask you to be her friend. Cuz she thinks shes all that
Any girl I've ever met.
by towel401 October 04, 2004
The shit you will never get
Why don't I get a girlfriend...CAUSE I'M FUCKING LONELY BITCHES
by THEPINNAPPLE January 08, 2015
Another term for your right hand.
Im writing with my girlfriend.
by Astute February 17, 2014

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