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the one the boy worked so hard to get
without looking like a drooling pig staring at her beautiful body
but decided to act like she didnt like him at first
just to see how much he really thought he loved her
GIRLS: don't be so cruel!!
i really dont understand how someone could get pleasure
out of someones pain
a good girlfriend should try her BEST not to be a bitch.

Boy: Sorry can you say that again?
Girl: oh my fucking jesus!! why the fuck do i always have to repeat everything to you?? holy fuck. god- jesus. you're such a dumbass.
by girl tuesday<369 May 20, 2007
something ill never ask because im to much of a pussy to ask girls out even when i know they like me. o well lol
-hey, why dont you ask anita out?
-because she doesnt like me
-yes she does im telling you!
-nah i dont think so
-youre so stupid
-i dont really wanta girlfriend anyway...

actual conversation
by Z3r0s3volution September 24, 2009
something men feel that they need in their life, of course this is a mistake, men need food, water, shelter, not "girlfriend". when you do something wrong "girlfriend"
will be sure to remind you. "girlfriend" also makes sure to point out all the things "girlfriend" doesnt like (friends, sports, etc), things you dont do that "girlfriend" is
used to and emphasizing all that "girlfriend" does for you, amazingly all this is done while giving men the feeling that "girlfriend" puts up with alot more then
"girlfriends" friend's do.

"Girlfriend" also assumes men have endless supply of money.
Girlfriend: I wana go *insert name of stupid place here* !! Remember I went to that dumb movie with you last week.
Guy: Ok fine let's go. (thats funny I remember picking her up and paying for the tickets to the movie last week, I could have just gone with the guys and saved

Girlfriend: I cant believe you did that, Diana's boyfriend never did anything like that to her !!
Guy: What did I do wrong??
Girlfriend: If you dont know I am not gonna tell you.
Guy: Please tell me whats wrong (how will I know if she doesnt tell me?)
Girlfriend: Nothing.
Guy: Just tell me.
Girlfriend: Nothing is wrong.
*Cycle repeats about a hundred times over*
by Skidmark McGee February 15, 2007
The best and worst thing that can happen to a male. She makes him feel amazing and then crushes his heart into tiny pieces.
If you didn't understand my definition of "girlfriend" an example won't help you -_-
by kupo-po October 30, 2009
a girl who is dating every guy but YOU!
Tom has a girfriend, Mike has a girlfriend, but i don't.
by el ni&#241;o September 17, 2007
1. One of the greatest things a man can experience!

2. The most painful thing a man can ever encounter in their entire life.

3. Linked to one of the scariest things a man can find.

4. The most expensive thing a man can get.
1. Guy 1: Dude! You have no idea how good you have it!
Guy 2: I know, my girlfriend is the best! I can't ask for more!

2. Guy 1: Dude, are you OK?
Guy 2: No, my girlfriend just dumped me. She was cheating on me for a year!

3. Guy 1:Why are you so tense?
Guy 2: My girlfriend's dad! He scares the shit out of me!

4. Guy 1: Hey, can you give me a few bucks to take out my girlfriend?
Guy 2: Sorry man, my girlfriend raided my wallet.
by DarkDestroyer95 March 25, 2009
A member of society that is constantly hated by her boyfriend's mother for no apparent reason.

The mother hates the girlfriend just for existing.
Mother: "Why are you dating your girlfriend? She's the devil and I cannot stand her. I want you to break up with her!"
Son: "Mom, I've been with her for 4 years. Why can't you learn to like her?"
by hatedbyamother December 06, 2009