The female in a male-female romantic relationship. She provides love and emotional support for her boyfriend and is loved the same way in return. The girlfriend is also a friend, and thus is loved and respected on that level of relationship.

A girlfriend is not to be confused with a girl whom you date and find aggravating. If you view a girl as something just used for sex, or as the personification of a ball and chain, then the girl in question is not your girlfriend.

To conclude, a girlfriend is a girl with whom you love and with whom you enjoy spending time, and who feels the same way about you in return.
The boy spent the day with his girlfriend, having a very good time. As they are in love with each other, they were very disappointed when they had to part ways at the end of the day.
by Semblar August 01, 2006
The one person who makes you feel as though you actually have a reason to live. The one you could never stand to be without anymore, and you wonder how you got by before her. The one that is there to make you feel special. The one you tell is beautiful no matter how often she denies it because you know it's true. A girlfriend is someone you truely love, and they should be treated like queens. Should one ever be treated like dirt, that male deserves to be shot on the spot. Women deserve kindness, adoration and respect. If you truely love her, those should come naturally.
I love my girlfriend Maria because she means more to me than anything ever has, does or will.
by Millen August 25, 2007
A female whom is not only your best friend but someone who cares for you and is a constant comfort in someones life. Girlsfriends also make you feel like your the most special person in the universe.The most wonderful and gracious person who for some lucky people may end up with forever.
Ceri, my girlfriend, is the perfect example of the above!!!!
by Incognito85 March 03, 2006
A girlfriend is something that everyone wish to have.
Its something that keeps you going when everything looks skata, when the sky is cloudy.
Its also something that you wanna hug and kiss all the time and make love too.
Its what makes you worry about , what makes you cry and smile and hope and dream.
You wanna die everytime you make it sad or cry and wanna kill yourself for not beign there when she needs you.
Its something that makes you wanna be a better man just so you can make her happy
Its something great and priceless and delicious and warm.
I love my girlfriend for making me better
by Manthukos January 21, 2009
(1) She makes you cum,
(2) She makes you complete; and
(3) She makes you completely miserable.
My girlfriend drives me nuts
by AaronT August 17, 2006
Something you should protect and cherish with your life and if you're a good boy you'll get lucky at night. XD
Mine is the best, look at her and I'll kill you. >.>
by sex toy~ August 20, 2003
Not to be confused with the compound word girlfriend, a "girl friend" (two words) is a girl who is your friend, but not a girlfriend.

Every guy should have a girl friend. A good girl friend is just like one of the guys, except a girl. Also, if you're going through shit with your girlfriend then it's nice to know you have a female on your side.

Girl friends don't have to be unattractive, either. But keep in mind that a girl friend shouldn't be confused with a romance interest you're trying to buddy-up first-- Girl friends remain strictly really good friends, even best friends.
My girlfriend dumped me because she thinks I lack the ability to be affectionate.

My girl friend Heather says that my (ex)girlfriend is just a stupid nympho and I'm perfectly date-able. Then we drank some beer and played Super Smash Bros.
by ryan y February 22, 2006

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