A woman/girl/lady who is dating/going out with/going steady with a man/boy/gentleman. A girlfriend should appreiciate and care for her boyfriend and respect him. also treat him how she wishes to be treated.
"she's my girlfriend"
"i have a girlfriend"
"i love my girlfriend"
"she's his/her girlfriend
by Jess November 30, 2004
1. A person of the female sex that can be everything a guy could ever want.
2. Occasionally intolerable human being that often requires the presence of a man to remain happy.
"Baby, would you please stop pouting? I do love you, you're my girlfriend."
by Real_Lol_Cat March 23, 2009
A girl who has gotten a guy so whipped he doesn't go to the bathroom without permission and is completely in charge. She is worshipped by her boyfriend and he never questions her. If she says she's mad and he asks why, she won't tell him because he doesn't know.
Chad stood up before giving Amanda, his girlfriend, a wary look. She raised her eyebrows and he sat back down. He asked to go to the bathroom before standing again.
by vampchic7 May 25, 2010
A member of society that is constantly hated by her boyfriend's mother for no apparent reason.

The mother hates the girlfriend just for existing.
Mother: "Why are you dating your girlfriend? She's the devil and I cannot stand her. I want you to break up with her!"
Son: "Mom, I've been with her for 4 years. Why can't you learn to like her?"
by hatedbyamother December 06, 2009
A group of girls (usually 1-5 in the group) tougher than the parole board a guy has to impress when he decides to get further on in a relationship with a girl. Will think one way about the guy in front of their friend, but talk about him like vultures to the girl behind his back.
Ashley: Girlfriends, this is my new boyfriend, Matt.
Matt: Hey.

(The girl leaves the room)

Liana: So, Matt, do you love Ashley? Do you feel she's the one for you?

Matt: Yes.

Melanie: What do you do for a living?

Matt: I'm a fitness instructor.

Aisha: What car do you drive?

Matt: Dodge Nitro.

(Girl comes back, guy leaves with her.)

Girl #1: he seems really nice. I like him.
Girl #2: Me too, he has a nice job, nice car, he's hot, he's perfect.
Girl # 3: I approve of him. I think she should stay with him.
by Tanauthority7979 December 18, 2010
something you don't know how to keep because you are a jerking off stupid asshole
where's my girlfriend

she left you for a real man dummy
by !**grow.up.stupid**! December 17, 2009
1: Someone you go out with or hang around cause you want to kiss and have sex with. 2: a girl that is your friend.
Ex1: I just made love to my girlfriend. Ex2: I tell my girlfriend my problems.
by sage thunder April 23, 2010
Something society deems important despite its insignificance and pointlessness. Something nonessential.
Friend #1: Dude, you seriously need to get laid, why not get yourself a girlfriend?

Friend #2: Because they're utterly pointless, you can't give me a good reason to have one.

Friend #1: Dude, you really need to get laid.
by Charles The Doodle Noodle August 29, 2009
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