A woman/girl/lady who is dating/going out with/going steady with a man/boy/gentleman. A girlfriend should appreiciate and care for her boyfriend and respect him. also treat him how she wishes to be treated.
"she's my girlfriend"
"i have a girlfriend"
"i love my girlfriend"
"she's his/her girlfriend
by Jess November 30, 2004
Someone who will leech off of you, until they have consumed all your resources and friends, before they move on to someone else etc.

AKA, a computer virus.
My girlfriend spent all my money and made me lose my mates, and now she's fucking that guy from burger king.
by thejamdude September 25, 2005
Aside from the well known commonly accpeted definition the term girlfriend is also used when refering to a type of weapon(knife, gun, bat, empty beer bottle...)
last night chris tried to fight me until he found out my girlfriend was with me
by MiC check August 24, 2005
some member of the female persuasion who currently has the benefit or misfortune depending on your perspective to be sleeping with me.
"yes thats the girlfriend I'm shagging tonight"
by 3 meter skis April 17, 2007
Theoretically, a fairly reliable source of gash, among other things.
"I need a fucking girlfriend."
by Danny Delinquent December 23, 2003
A female with whom you exclusively have sexual relations. Unless it's an open relationship, in which case, see fuck buddy, cock holster, or Janelle.
I've got a girlfriend who's better than that, and nothing is better than this. Or is it?
by Nope December 11, 2003
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