A sex toy made out of flesh. Requires heavy maintenance beyond the capabilities of most nerds and/or geeks. Soon to become obsolete with the invention of low-cost virtual reality.
Engineer: You will have to dump you girlfriend soon!
#lover #sex #sex toy #boyfriend #fuck
by Comrade Wang October 29, 2006
To males inexperienced in the realm of intimate relationships with the female population, 'girlfriend' seems like a great idea. To have someone in which they can exert their sexual desires is, in theory, the greatest gift anyone can give/receive. See gift from god.

When experienced, males tend to exert feelings of hatred towards 'girlfriend' and exclaim indicated hatred to others. Remarkably, he will never mention a word of this to 'girlfriend.' This phenomenon must be directly linked to the mind control powers only bestowed by the vagina.

These mind control powers are the bane of males, and are only known of when one is already choking on the tainted waters called 'relationship.' And it seems, even when informed, the male will deny any such power over him until the previous stated situation occurs.

One can only say "I told you so."
When I was young and naive, I wanted a 'girlfriend' so I could fuck her as often as my penis would remain erect. But as I matured and observed the animalistic behavior of the female, I realized that I was taking my soul for granted, and chose to stay away.
by Thought's Catalyst August 26, 2005
there a race so powerful they could kill you without dying or make you feel bliss.
they come in different forms

1.money grabber
takes cash out of your heart and doesnt care as much for feelings.

2.why am i with her
the ugly, bad tempered, careless, all time drawback.

3.just looks
stuning as miss world but inside as ugly as the beast himself.

4.miss perfect
caring, kind, prety, loving, doesnt ask for much.
my girlfriend is everything i have ever wanted in a form.
#love #sex #boyfriend #in love #feelings
by werdanny August 06, 2007
A female friend of a male, sometimes for the sake of security but sometimes for the hopes of someday getting married
I don't have a girlfriend, I just know a girl that would be really mad if she heard me say that.
by doot February 24, 2005
A beautiful creature that some dudes dream of having but never will.
Mike: Yo, where's your girlfriend?

Tito: STFU nigguh you know I ain't got one.

Mike: LMAO...fucking loser.

Tito: Word.
#girl #boo #mainsqueeze #baby #mah lady
by Uptown NY NY July 10, 2008
Like having another car payment every month.
My girlfriend makes me buy her things.
#gold digger #unhappy #waste of money #broke #loser
by best definitions ever July 29, 2006
The greatest thing in the world. But as a fellow man i am warning you it isn't worth the pain of when you loose them.
I am in love with my girlfriend.
#so #boyfriend #lover #partner #crazy
by GFdd May 17, 2007
A semi-supernatural being that is capable of massive blood loss and nearly always knows what your next move is going to be. Some of the best girlfriends have been recognized as demi-gods. This is someone you want as an ally.
Lucas's girlfriend once showed me how to set Sandra's hair on fire.
#love #magic #god #power #period #amazing
by Hershey400 May 18, 2009
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