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A sex toy made out of flesh. Requires heavy maintenance beyond the capabilities of most nerds and/or geeks. Soon to become obsolete with the invention of low-cost virtual reality.
Engineer: You will have to dump you girlfriend soon!
by Comrade Wang October 29, 2006
48 82
Something you act fake around to get ass. You tell her you don't just want her pussy, but you do.
I just spent 500 dollars on my Girlfriend for our one fucking month anniversary. She spent 5 dollars on me for some candy... She told me she wanted more, than i told her she would if she fucked me. We fucked and than i broke up with her and took back all the jewelry and the recipts and got 300 dollars back.

id rather fuck a whore for 20.
by Mayge January 10, 2007
24 48
An item one should rent and not buy.
Robert: Word, nigga. What you go and get a girlfriend foh? I likes ma money and gets me a blowjob for like $25. You went though all your green in one night!
Townsend: Meh.
by fucwad August 20, 2004
130 154
a terrible situation to be in, occurs when two people are 'going out' however they are really no more than friends. the two people talk as much as a real couple, the male even spends all his money on the girl, but he recieves nothing in return apart from harsh comments and is often ignored.
tom: look nicole its been 4 months we must be able to kiss by now.
nicole: we can, just not in public or more than twice a week or if its a weekday.
tom: but why?
nicole: look im still a little embarrassed, surely you can understand that?
tom: (begins to cry) have you at least told your friends about us?

*nicole pretends not to have heard as the answer is clearly no, not even when asked does she confirm the relationship instead she just changes the subject. she remains toms girl friend
by dario l January 27, 2007
38 63
A socialy accepted prostitute. A man cannot get one unless he has money or an incredibly large penis.
Guy1:Damn! I just found out my girlfriend is cheating on me with my best friend who is black.
Guy2: I told you it was coming. What did you expect? You are asian, you need to be rich to keep a fine bitch.
Guy1: But I bought her a diamond necklace with my life savings. I gave her everything!
Guy2: But with girlfriends everything is not enough. Now come on, let's go to Tijuana and get some prostitutes to give us sex for $10 it's much cheaper than a girlfriend and there are no emotions involved so you can't get hurt.
by A man's man July 14, 2006
62 88
biggest pain in the ass.
mayne maah girlfriend has made me a wimp
by babanash July 14, 2006
50 76
A constant reminder that we are half the men we used to be.
- yo girlfriend "Put down the toliet seat and clean the piss off of it. Take out the trash the house is stinking up. Replace the toliet paper roll. Pick up your smelly socks. I don't like it doggie style (BANG BANG BANG) it's too impersonal."

For every beautiful woman there is a guy that is tired of fucking her, wanna swap?
by dirtydog October 10, 2003
62 88
The spare skin around the vagina.
No, I can't go out and have fun, I have to take my girlfriend to dinner.
by Superbo February 02, 2005
181 208