A sex toy made out of flesh. Requires heavy maintenance beyond the capabilities of most nerds and/or geeks. Soon to become obsolete with the invention of low-cost virtual reality.
Engineer: You will have to dump you girlfriend soon!
by Comrade Wang October 29, 2006
some member of the female persuasion who currently has the benefit or misfortune depending on your perspective to be sleeping with me.
"yes thats the girlfriend I'm shagging tonight"
by 3 meter skis April 17, 2007
Pain in the ass
My girlfriend's a pain in the ass
by dood594 September 03, 2008
Theoretically, a fairly reliable source of gash, among other things.
"I need a fucking girlfriend."
by Danny Delinquent December 23, 2003
A female with whom you exclusively have sexual relations. Unless it's an open relationship, in which case, see fuck buddy, cock holster, or Janelle.
I've got a girlfriend who's better than that, and nothing is better than this. Or is it?
by Nope December 11, 2003
A pet name for your vagina
"I'm going to get some tonight I better go shave my girlfriend!"
by LexiLee November 11, 2007
Loving, caring individual who stands by your side no matter what. Will, in some odd instances, become infatuated with dog demons from a certain anime that will not be mentioned. Damn dog demons.
OMFG why dont Melissa and Donnie just get a freaking room?!
by LoLlerskate May 30, 2005
The future wife of another man who will inevitably try and dominate you and your wallet.
"I just wanna fuck! Who needs a girlfriend?"
by disgrunteled boyfriend November 17, 2004

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