When the presence of a girlfriend (either real of fictitious) is introduced by a male during a conversation with a female it is considered dropping a "girlfriend bomb." This is typically done to deter further or perceived pursuit of the male by the female. Either the guy finds the girl he's chatting with unattractive and fears she may be interested in him. Or he's intimidated by her. Thus, he needs to make her aware of "competition", that's he's desirable and taken or that he is *NOT* desperate.

It's basically saying "Hey look...someone likes me OTHER than you!"
(girl and guy casually chatting about nothing...)

Girl: yeah, so that's when i decided i wanted to see Iron Man.

Guy: *clears throat* um yea me and my girlfriend went to see that last night.

girl: wow...you dropped a girlfriend bomb..how lame.
by urbanr0cker May 11, 2008
Top Definition
When a male you are interested in casually reveals that she has a girlfriend (intentionally or otherwise).
I really liked this guy, but he dropped the girlfriend bomb
by JessLouise May 09, 2008
When a male you are casually conversing with mentions within the first five seconds that he has a girlfriend. Not only were your intentions completely civil, but you realize that he is either extremely turned off by you that he feels the need to compensate his repugnance with his martial status, or that his pre-pubescent feelings have gotten the best of him because “sexkitten10” instant messaged him last night.
I just liked this guy's sweet Nike's so I asked him where he bought them, sadly he dropped the girlfriend bomb on me because he couldn't handle my sex appeal.
by Courtney Milko May 11, 2008
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