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An accumulation of natural vaginal lubrication so profuse as to appear frothy and white against the skin.
I could tell from the appearance of girlcum that she was excited by my touch and would readily agree to sex.
by Smarter Guy June 28, 2009

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(n) The bodily fluid released by a woman during orgasm.
buried their faces between the other's legs as they unleashed a torrid
girlcum, more than either could hope to swallow.
by keyshaw April 30, 2004
n. girl cum is a slang word in reference to the vaginal fluid that comes out when a woman is turned on
girl 1: "hey dude, did you see how hott that was?!"
girl 2: "ya i think i jus got girl cum everywhere"

guy 1: "hey man, what ya do last nite?"
guy 2: "i'll give ya a hint.. girl cum tastes so good"
by soundofsilence1994 January 10, 2011