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The penis of a MTF transsexual who is taking hormones.
I just love her girlcock!
by cake123 January 28, 2010
The penis of a trans girl.
Man, I would do anything to suck her girl cock!
by katiechan May 11, 2012
A variation on camel toe where a woman's labia and pubic region are visible through clothing as a bulge which looks similar to the bulge created in men's clothing by the penis and testicles. A girlcock differs from a camel toe by causing a bulge either left or right of the central seam of the trousers / swimming costume as opposed to being divided equally left and right with the seam in the middle of the labia. Girlcock is most frequently associated with women with very bushy pubic hair.
My pants are a bit too tight - do they look OK or have they given me a girlcock?
by Killdozer August 22, 2006
a girl cock is a clitoris
I'm going to suck your lips and lick your sweet cunt until your pretty little girl cock vibrates with pleasure.
by lickytongue April 30, 2008