A irrational illogical emotional thing that bleeds every month
Girls lack logic!
by hjdps December 11, 2010
Completely insane bitches who regardless of whatever nice things you do are bound to forget it and then blame every mistakes on you ...to avoid at all times ...screw them
ungrateful, stupid, superficial, materialistic
That bitch was one of the girls.
by screwbywomen January 14, 2011
Tools for man
I have used girls last night
by lolololololololololo February 11, 2011
an incredibly sweet and compassionate and sexy gender. girls can be bitches, but they are almost always adorable.
Not funny enough to come up with anything about girls accept that they are amazing!
by Jamorto May 13, 2008
1. Waste of money
2. Taker of money
3. Spender of money
4. User of money

Well that's all i can think of, oh yeah

Note: They have a vagina and brestsssiss

Dont get me wrong some are nice...
Guy - so wanna go out tomorrow?

Girls (in genral) - sure, sure, so what you wanna do? Trip to Paris, London, Moon??

Guy - I knew I made a mistake *kills himself after one last masterbation*

by Alle Meine Entchen February 16, 2009
(I need at least three words)

saying "I don't understand girls, they are weird" is repetitive.
by Scondren November 17, 2005
vicious bloodthirsty hound;
person who pretends to be your friend but stabs you in the back as soon as possible
Jenny: did you see how fat that whore Heather looked today?

Joe: you're such a girl.
by Mrs. Potter November 09, 2008

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