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Stupid beings that lie all the time and you can never find one that is great looking and doesn't lie you may think their nice and lovable, but they will turn around and bite you in the ass, don't Ever trust them, also have reproductive organs that produce eggs to be fertilized in order to create another homosapien. Mammary glands can also be found on females to help nurture their young.
girls Kim Khardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ashton Kutcher
by (mfrg)cAnada_Drymfrg July 25, 2011
Demons from hell that feed on the souls of men. Always get what they want, especially the more attractive ones. Are known to be nice to men only in myths. Play evil tricks and commit evil acts like dumping their drink on their boyfriend or husband because of something they think was mean. Girls contain the emotional stability of a rhino on a unicycle balancing on a tightrope made of fishing string. They can be sweet and loving one second and become hostile and filled with rage the next second (their true identity).
Man: Wow! ur the hottest girl in the world! (talking to girlfriend)
Woman: Oh! So who's the second hottest?! Ur so insensitive! I hate you!
Man: Girls are CRAZY!!! I'm thinking about suicide. (Thinking to self)
by potpouri! March 05, 2009
my right hand
sometimes when i get lonely my girl and i have some fun with tissue and lotion
by SomeGuyWhoHasNothingBetterToDo April 04, 2010
You can't live without em and you can't shoot em.
I was about to kill my bitch(girl) when she offered to gove me oral. What was I gonna say no!
by Thatguywhocamps11 May 01, 2011
That thing with a vagina
Person 1: What the hell is that?
Person 2: I think its a girl
by Earnie Hart October 22, 2009
1) a malicious fiend that will rip your heart out and most likely shit on it too

2) the gender that blows everything out of proportion

3) someone that you can't live with and can't live without
My girl insisted I be a donor. It's like even when you're dead, they still want to rip your heart out.

At times I have innocent conversations with the other gender. My girl tells me I'm cheating on her because of these conversations.

For some reason, I miss you Erica.
by bten July 04, 2009
Guy In Real Life

This is often used in chatrooms and online games.
Ashley: Hello :) wanna date?
Johhny: No thanks, I can tell that you're a g.i.r.l!
by i r your father February 02, 2010