See: idiots, parasites, hypocrites, dumbasses.
Me: I'm going to get a loan from Churchill.

Girl: Wasn't he the president of London when Jesus was around? I thought he was dead!

Other Girl: No, Churchill is that mountain in France! The really really high one. Mountains can't give loans!

Me: Stupid-ass girls.
by Marge hater December 18, 2005
a creature that comes in a lot of varieties...Now the cute and the hot ones...I just want to tackle them to the ground pull of their heels, flip flops, cross-trainers or if I'm lucky they're prancing around barefoot ;) and lick and suck on their toes because they're sooo yummy HAHAA!!!! It's even hotter when they're sexily pedicured!
OOOH look at that saucy girl. I want to lick her feet now.
by DEVGRU June 10, 2006
teh best thing that's ever happened to the world. the backbone of every family. younger version of woman. smarter sex.
boy: hey, what's 1+1????
Girl: 2. duh. didn't you know that?
Boy: no.
by like you need to know December 09, 2004
1. a being infinitely more intelligent than any boy will ever be
2. a being infinitely more intelligent than any boy would ever want to be
3. a being that does not belong on the same planet as any boy but unfortunately must associate with these vastly inferior entities but unfortunately must for reproductive purposes
1. Girl: boys are all idiots
2. Boy: Cool, she called me an idiot!
3. Girl: I think you are an idiotic asshole but lets have sex anyway
by Walfadjiri March 08, 2005

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