Urban synonym for Cocaine often used when da phone feel hot

The counterpart Crack is called boys. Called this due to girls being soft and boys being hard
"Hook up 2 hours"
"Boys or girls?"
by Eddie L. S. April 12, 2008
Girl I Really Like/ Girl I Really Love

girl that you like in an acronym form; to show love to a female.
screename1: hey whos that hottie on ur top 8?
screename2: oh shes a g.i.r.l., but i cant tell her how much i do becuz she might take it in a different way on aim.

yo u my g.i.r.l.!
by seejaysee April 12, 2007
Stands for, grinning in real life. It's instead of putting lol when you find something funny but dont actually laugh, you just grin.
Dude! I totally just GIRLed at your joke!
by Malteser93 December 11, 2008
A irrististable creature to boys and bis alike. they are often characterized by having breasts which are somehow attractive to boys and often enough an ass unless they are a skinny bitch or just skinny.
Guy: Man those girls ought to wear lower shirts... like the collar should be down to their bellybutton...
Guy2: Yeah they really should. Or maybe we should be like A Roman beach or something. Where they just walk around topless...
Girl: Ok then.....
by Emmazzz December 27, 2007
A particularly effeminate gay man (as opposed to a butch, leather queen, for example).

Usually used only by other gay men.
<bar fly #1> What is that screemin' over there.
<bar fly #2> That girl's all excited...
<bar fly #1> Is there a girl in this place?
<bar fly #2> No, it's that *girl* over there...
by rickster_dc July 29, 2005
Girl In Real Life

A male Internet user who poses as a female for personal sick pleasure.
Guy 1: Hey that girl from our clan is hot.
Guy 2: Yeah I've heard she's a G.I.R.L.
by A Small Dog August 31, 2006
Term for cocaine
Heroin is boy, and coke is girl.
heroin is a brute, and coke is a gentle love but has its downsides.
"you fuck with that girl?"
"girl is nothing compared to boy"
by kefka November 19, 2004
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