A female with large breasts would say those breasts were her "girls" as they have a mind of their own.

Two large fatty lumps sitting on either side of a females sternum, or cleavage
Me and my girls are going out.

Dont look at my girls when you are talkin' to me!
by MiaDollface;} May 06, 2004
The most powerful being on Earth. They are God's most complex yet beautiful creation. Without women, there wouldn't be boys or girls, gays and lesbians. Without them, the whole world could colapse! After all, a man is nothing as good as dust without women.
She's the man!!- and girl- and woman.
by krappy skeptic April 15, 2009
1: An often stereotyped sex, whose only difference from the male species (aside from being more intelligent, caring, empathetic, and better in almost every significant way) is a vagina and larger pectorials.

2: A female not quite developed into a woman yet.

3: Men's excuse for anything going wrong in their lives.
1: Dude! You just got beat by a GIRL.

2: Oh, what an adorable little girl!

3: My mom fucked me up-it's not my fault I have no job and am a lazy shovanist pig.
by Sara M. July 22, 2006
An extremely annnoying, yet ubelievable compasionate form of the humanoid gender.
Most women hate me :)
by Gentleman Loser September 26, 2003
J@F:Hey honey, wanna have sex?
J@F:I'm real good at it.
Girl:Whod you practice on, your mother?
J@F: Hey, she's a woman. Not a girl..
by SensitiveGuy October 05, 2003
a female. so much better than men because they can be hot and have a soul and care for you at the same time. girls are attractive to men, who go crazy for them and men worship women. women go through men like dental floss. quickly and u get a lot in one package. girls have many fantastic features and like different things from boys. girls are so much better and cooler than guys.
Girls vs Boys

by cooldude108 August 23, 2009
Hot, sexy, boobs, pussy, nice at times, at other times a...

oooo look at that sexy girl
*starts getting slashed at with nails of pmsing women*
by dudeitstoast January 24, 2007

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