A irrististable creature to boys and bis alike. they are often characterized by having breasts which are somehow attractive to boys and often enough an ass unless they are a skinny bitch or just skinny.
Guy: Man those girls ought to wear lower shirts... like the collar should be down to their bellybutton...
Guy2: Yeah they really should. Or maybe we should be like A Roman beach or something. Where they just walk around topless...
Girl: Ok then.....
by Emmazzz December 27, 2007
A particularly effeminate gay man (as opposed to a butch, leather queen, for example).

Usually used only by other gay men.
<bar fly #1> What is that screemin' over there.
<bar fly #2> That girl's all excited...
<bar fly #1> Is there a girl in this place?
<bar fly #2> No, it's that *girl* over there...
by rickster_dc July 29, 2005
Girl In Real Life

A male Internet user who poses as a female for personal sick pleasure.
Guy 1: Hey that girl from our clan is hot.
Guy 2: Yeah I've heard she's a G.I.R.L.
by A Small Dog August 31, 2006
Term for cocaine
Heroin is boy, and coke is girl.
heroin is a brute, and coke is a gentle love but has its downsides.
"you fuck with that girl?"
"girl is nothing compared to boy"
by kefka November 19, 2004
Guys only crazier with nicer asses and boobs and much smaller penises
"Hey Allie how are you"
"What is that supposed to mean?!?!? I am fat, ugly and stupid but I masturbate at night thinkning about the guys who I hate like all girls do"
by J.D. Caulfield March 05, 2008
its a skatebording company people... eric koston rick mccrank and brian anderson plus many more fine young strapping lads
u see the girl vid, yeah right? that shiot is tight! its really alright!
by taigory March 27, 2005
The most powerful being on Earth. They are God's most complex yet beautiful creation. Without women, there wouldn't be boys or girls, gays and lesbians. Without them, the whole world could colapse! After all, a man is nothing as good as dust without women.
She's the man!!- and girl- and woman.
by krappy skeptic April 15, 2009

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