They are the ones you want to have sex with, but can't fucking stand the shit that flies out of their mouths. They are also known as hoochie mammas!
Some girls have big beautiful knocks, others do not.
by Reeems April 08, 2006
People that should be treated with respect and boys should not take advantage of
Ben:Ohhh that girl is sexy, im gotta get some tonight
Sam: Stop taking advantage of her
by AllOtherNamesWereTaken:( October 11, 2010
An item used to satisfy the man emotionally and sexually. Preferably sexy or fine.
I really want to bone that girl Kelsey.
by Gary Coleman IV June 17, 2008
Urban synonym for Cocaine often used when da phone feel hot

The counterpart Crack is called boys. Called this due to girls being soft and boys being hard
"Hook up 2 hours"
"Boys or girls?"
by Eddie L. S. April 12, 2008
A girl is not a boy. There you go.
fendergirl: Girls are the only half of humans that can use their brain, even though more than half the world is female... umm, looks like my bigotry fails again. :'(
by Cham Zord January 25, 2005
Girl I Really Like/ Girl I Really Love

girl that you like in an acronym form; to show love to a female.
screename1: hey whos that hottie on ur top 8?
screename2: oh shes a g.i.r.l., but i cant tell her how much i do becuz she might take it in a different way on aim.

yo u my g.i.r.l.!
by seejaysee April 12, 2007
Stands for, grinning in real life. It's instead of putting lol when you find something funny but dont actually laugh, you just grin.
Dude! I totally just GIRLed at your joke!
by Malteser93 December 11, 2008

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