On Urban dictionary: The topic for one of the biggest internet arguments out there. "Sexist" this "Sexist" that. "They're EVIL." "They are capable of loving, arsehole."

Definition number two:
Similar to a boy, but with a more slender frame. They tend to have a more active mind as well. What they lack is pure strength, and the ability to be an internet troll, for the most part.
Person 1: Girls suck!
Person 2: Yeah, creatures to make mankind suffer!
Person 3: They feel good.

Person 4: Sexist Arseholes!
Person 5: Girls are loving, bastard.
Person 6: No, they are evil. They take money.
Person 4: We deserve it, we do everything.
Person 6: No, you just sit around and look pretty
Person 7: Shut up, boys are gross.
Person 8: What?
Person 9: Well, you have a nice day too.
Person 10: Flame war. Will the war ever end?
by Not all guys are aholes. May 16, 2008
Cocaine ,coke ,powder ,white pony

Girl= Cocaine
Boy= Heroine
Mark : hey you wanna buy some dat girl its raw

Brad: Hell Yeah Brah
by Brad Is Legend April 29, 2007
Most of these definitions were made by guys, so they're pretty terrible.

The truth is, you can't just generalize girls. Every single one of them are different.
The only way to find this out is to actually get to know them! I know, strange concept.
See, who appears to be preppy and stuck up could be the sweetest and most caring girl and who appeara to be nice and sweet, could be the bitchiest, who knows?
Guy: hey, my name is Micheal. How are you girls?
Girl 1: wow, hi. :) My name is Melody.

It's as easy as that.
by The Truth..... December 29, 2011
Girls are the best thing on the earth they area mixture of sugar and spice and everything nice.until you make one angry then they just become a complete B****!
guy in jail:hey that's a girl!!!Whoa i ain't seen one of them in a while.
by Jessica April 15, 2004
Men without penises.
That girl is good at sucking. but not good at preserving one
by shadowperson February 07, 2011
The best phase of a female human's life.
Gets over when she turns 18, or in some cases, 20, or in the majority of the upcoming generation, 12.
When this happens, she has certain constraints on mannerisms typical of being a stereotypical woman, but are not always present.

Girls are comparatively innocent forms of women.
Girls can be tomboys.

Girls = youth + beauty + innocence + intelligence + thoughtfulness + generosity + freedomofplayfulness

Of course, even if you're/don't have any of that, but are still classified as girl, you are a girl, girl!
Just because I'm a tomboy, it doesn't mean I'm not a girl.

If I were a boy, I would be gay. Therefore, it is more beneficial to the world's population that I be a girl.
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010
1).A person, not a thing to be used and disposed of.

2).Someone with feelings.
4).Someone who deserves your respect.
5).Not a man, or manly.
6).Someone to spend your money on.
7).An underestimated, and cruelly treated being (kind of like a dolphin).
One of my best friends happens to be a girl. How about you?
by Alfonso Sanchez December 26, 2010

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