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Girls are kind, pretty, soft, and lovable. Though, some girls can be bitches.
Some of my best friends are girls!
by That Guy August 08, 2003
A mythical being. Experts are trying to prove their existence.
I wonder if girls are real
by jjr51802 February 07, 2014
Known for shooting babies out they're coochies every split second of the day because b/c we didnt come with a lock(unfortunatley) on the coochie.Which would have been fantastic due to the fact we produce not just xy chromosomes, but xx chromosomes b/c "God" knows that all we need is more bitching twats polluting the air with their whoreness
Guy friend- What are those? Me- Unfortunately I am one of those things...girl. my bad. Guy friend- I would have never known.. I didnt know some could be soo nice and walk around free without looking like theres a stick jammed up the ass
by -XBlankX- May 30, 2011
The acronym used for when an actor playing a straight role is actually Gay In Real Life. Used as a noun.
Person 1: Hey, I really like that Barney guy on How I Met Your Mother. He's such a player
Person 2: Yea, he's awesome but did you know that he is a G.I.R.L?
Person 1: No way!
by baas.knuckles February 24, 2011
A female's breasts
"I really like your girls"
by skimonger March 21, 2010
an object of men
-Dude! You have a nice girl!
-Thanks! Got her yesterday.
by Susan 4 eva December 14, 2008
The one with the vagina and breasts,and talks alot,and also all of them seem to not like me.
Me-Wanna go out?
by HiImFuckOff August 31, 2010