What other male US Marines call one another for the sole fact for shits and giggles.

Est. April 2009 by a US Marine by the name Hartje, then passed on to other Marines of his class that went to FAST or PRP, hopefully now in the FMF.

Class B-12 BSG
3F6 then to AF5
"Oh good girl, you want to take your sweet ass time getting to the armory."

"Hurry up girl to another Marine that's behind the power curve."
by BootyFMF August 30, 2011
A mythical being. Experts are trying to prove their existence.
I wonder if girls are real
by jjr51802 February 07, 2014
The acronym used for when an actor playing a straight role is actually Gay In Real Life. Used as a noun.
Person 1: Hey, I really like that Barney guy on How I Met Your Mother. He's such a player
Person 2: Yea, he's awesome but did you know that he is a G.I.R.L?
Person 1: No way!
by baas.knuckles February 24, 2011
A female's breasts
"I really like your girls"
by skimonger March 21, 2010
Known for shooting babies out they're coochies every split second of the day because b/c we didnt come with a lock(unfortunatley) on the coochie.Which would have been fantastic due to the fact we produce not just xy chromosomes, but xx chromosomes b/c "God" knows that all we need is more bitching twats polluting the air with their whoreness
Guy friend- What are those? Me- Unfortunately I am one of those things...girl. my bad. Guy friend- I would have never known.. I didnt know some could be soo nice and walk around free without looking like theres a stick jammed up the ass
by -XBlankX- May 30, 2011
The one with the vagina and breasts,and talks alot,and also all of them seem to not like me.
Me-Wanna go out?
by HiImFuckOff August 31, 2010
an object of men
-Dude! You have a nice girl!
-Thanks! Got her yesterday.
by Susan 4 eva December 14, 2008

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