Sabtraction of money
multiplication of problems
division of firends
dum fuck that girl was total bitch
by surya September 16, 2007
a woman who is a conniving, deceitful bitch that wants nothing more than to get revenge on guys
Fuck girls. Fuck em.
by Jason P aka P.I.M.P October 30, 2006
A gram of illegal substance. Often said over the phone to make it seem like a legitimate conversation.
Me: "Yo waddup mane?"
Weed man: "shit just loafin"
Me: "mind if i come pick up them girls?"
Weed man: "yeahh them hoes been here for days. slide through."
by 4two0 December 21, 2012
The biggest bitches of all time who are always moody as hell.
The girls next door are always on my case.
Girls are kind, pretty, soft, and lovable. Though, some girls can be bitches.
Some of my best friends are girls!
by That Guy August 08, 2003
The most mysterious thing known to existence. They trick us, confuse us, and if you're lucky, they please us.
I will never understand that girl, never.
by Caveflower July 03, 2014
A guy who poses as a female character in an online game to get guys to fall in love with them and gain free top of the line in game items from the noobs who are stupid enough to believe they are a girl in real life. Typically found in MMO's and RPG's.
Gamer guy: That girl is hot, I'm so fucking her pixels!
Gamer guy2: Well If if you like guys in real life then she's your G.I.R.L for you.
Gamer guy: I wonder if she has Skype.
Gamer guy2: Noob.
by WEZ MIKE May 16, 2014

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