There are lots of different types of girls.
1)Some are cute and are kind to you and you are kind to them.
2)Some are very sexy, but these ones tend to be whores.
3)There are those annoying ones who are on about chauvinist pigs and the like, going on about how superior they are to men and how they wish men didn't exist, when they seem to fail to realise that they need men to reproduce and ultimately preserve the females of the human race, just as men need females for the same purpose, and these are the types that suck and should ultimately go to hell. These ones seem to think all boys are dumbasses, even though half of the time the girls who say this are in the bottoms of all their classes, and they fail to realise that there are many men who are smarter than them, along with other women who are smarter than them. These types of girls are just angsty losers raised to a prostitute mother who cried when she got AIDs from her line of work. These people are sexists.
4)There are also those ones that think that "girls are smart and boys are eww and disgusting ewww look its a boy eww." These tend to be 5 year old brats spoilt by their mothers.
5)Related to the girls in number 2, there are the ones who use their appearance to get what they want from us men, but let's admit it, the types of men who fall for this are stupid anyway.
6)There are the ignorant, spoilt chav girls who think they are the greatest and that they own you and the world, but in actual fact they are stupid, fat, lazy, and waste your precious precious oxygen.
1)When a cute, nice girl helps you out and you help her back. These ones are nice, unslutty, intelligent, funny, cute, and ultimately what makes girls so good.
2)"Hey, everyone thinks i'm sexy. I went out with 8 boys last week, and none of them new about the others, hahahahaha those losers!"
3)Sara.M, Walfadjiri, Like You Need To Know. (These all biased definitions of girl in the urban dictionary. Look 'em up.)
4)Alot of my friends have annoying little sisters like this.
5)A Succubus is a good example of this. There are lots of girls who seem to act like Succubus(sp).
6)Those annoying girls at work or at school/uni who are covered in make up or fake tan, but their horrible disgusting acne and dirty faces still show. They are the ones who throw tantrums if they get told off for being a right little bitch in classes, or give a false sexual harrassment claim against you to your manager with no strong evidence.
by AeroAstro November 07, 2006
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A younger form of a woman. If you tried to have sex with a girl, you'd be arrested, you damn pedophile.
What a cute little girl!
by Sarahsuke June 09, 2003
The creation of satan. designed to destroy the existence of mankind.
Proof that girls are evil:

First, girls need time and money:
Girl = Time * Money

And we know that time is money:
Girl = Money * Money

We also know that money is the root of all evil:
Money = Evil ^ 1/2

Money ^ 2 = Evil

So we are forced to conclude that:
Girl = Evil
by my dick August 04, 2003
"You can't trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die."
Its time of the god damn month again and yet I am still here on this god damn earth.
by Kat February 13, 2005
Rumored to be real; urban myth.
Girls come in three different formats: *.JPG, *.GIF, and *.PNG.
by Jason October 02, 2005
a creature i will never win over
I can't get this girl to love me.
by i swear to drunk i'm not god February 05, 2005
girls = time x money
time = money
girls = money x money = 'money' squared
money = 'the root of all evil'
girls = (square root of evil) squared

girls = evil
guy 1: girls suck
guy 2: yep, they're evil
guy 3: you're just bitter cuz you haven't been laid in a while...
by cuevdawg January 23, 2004
all nice and sweet and innoccent...until you do one little thing wrong!!!!!
Bob:"hey alice, nice shirt, looks hot on you..."
by blank May 07, 2003
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