G.I.R.L. is a common abbreviation on IRC.
be careful when talking to girls!
G.I.R.L. = Guy In Real Life
by housetier April 05, 2006
Some are hot, some are not.

But if you are married, you better have a credit card.

If you're just dating, expect a bill.
Girl: "Oooh, look at that diamond necklace! Please get that for me! I need it for that party! Please?"

Husband: "Fine".

*credit bill comes in a week

by Rotex January 02, 2008
Guy In Real Life. Guys in MMORPGs that make their character a girl. They often make other boys their boyfriend and thus, a gold digger. Then, he leaves the "boyfriend" broken-hearted and moves on to the next boy.
Somebody1:"Ugh.....why did my gf break up with me?"

Somebody2:"Maybe she was a G.I.R.L."

Somebody1:"You mean she might've been a guy?"


Somebody1:"....I'm having a headache IRL right now..."
by SirPainsalot March 14, 2007
Something I just NEVER seem to get...it always seems like all da real catz can't get any chicks...

Girls, they want ONE guy, and thatz IT! And if they can't have that ONE guy, they're gonna say "all guys are jerks" and then their gonna become all sad or become all bitchy just over ONE guy that is probably "exactly what they are lookin for"

Girls need to realize that even though that ONE guy might not like them like they want them too, they NEED to move on, cuz theres other guys that want that same chick.

And these other guys (like me) try to get to know a girl like this, but we GET REJECTED.

Girls IGNORE me no matter what I seem to do. I try to go up to one, smile at them, and say "hey how's it goin?" but they ALWAYS ignore me or say "why do you care" BECAUSE I'm not that ONE guy they originally wanted in tha first place...

Girls want ONE guy DESPERATELY, and they will do anything to get him. And when they can't get that one guy, they'll start saying all boys are stupid. THEY NEED TO OPEN THEIR EYES and realize that guys like me would love to get to know them, but instead they ignore us. And this is EXACTLY why I get rejected everytime...

I'm 19 years old and I haven't even been on a date, I haven't even hugged a girl yet, and I try talkin to girls ALL DA TIME! I try bein nice, but I guess girls will ALWAYS be a "girl"
Me: "Hey, how's it goin?" :) *while smiling*

Girl: *walks by and COMPLETELY ignores guy*

Me (to another girl): "Hey, how's it goin?" :)

Girl: "why do you care?"

*Girl then probably thinks "what a loser"*

BUT WHO KNOWS what girls are really thinkin...

by ThaRealestNigga December 31, 2008
All soft and cuddly, but you never get to be with one.
Dude 1: Hey bro you goin' out with that chick you told me?
Dude 2: Nah, She said she has to study coz her finals are comin up next month. I understand. Education is important, you know?
Dude 1 to himself: What a fuckin' looser!
Dude 2: Girls...
by morsemann May 14, 2008
Belongs in the kitchen
by THEAWESOMEMAN18 August 24, 2010
sluts, whores, skanks, bitches
Guy: all girls are sluts
Girl: I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by sluttymcslutslut February 03, 2007
Grinned in real life. Because most people don't actually "laugh out loud" when saying "lol". We "Grin in real life".
I can't think of an example, I don't know why lol. Wait a second, that's perfect. I didn't "laugh out loud" while typing that, I 'girl.' I(Grinned in real life.)
by G H N O May 15, 2013

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