G.I.R.L. is a common abbreviation on IRC.
be careful when talking to girls!
G.I.R.L. = Guy In Real Life
by housetier April 05, 2006
Very unpredictable....but predictable in being unpredictable
Girl: Hey...um ur friend told me you were flirting with some other girls in the hallway

Boy: thinking: great here we go again


Boy: i didnt even say anything yet

Girl: o...ily ^_^ bye -runs away-

Boy: O_o?
by Alwayzphresh June 08, 2009
Guy in Real Life, A person who says they're a chick when they are actually a guy!
(MMORPG verison) Hey I heard that girl elf over there is a 60 year old basement virgin IRL. she is a guy! lol.

(IM Version) Hey I think your a g.i.r.l, not a chick.
by PR3L June 07, 2007
A young female from birth to age 18. The opposite of a boy.

Socialized to be sensitive, nurturing, and friendly. Far too often disrespected and abused by males (be it peers or adults).

Also known as a lass, maid, maiden, or damsel in poetry... not so anymore.
"Girl" once referred to a child of either sex, with "knave girl" referring to a male and "gay girl" referring to a female (ironically, little did the English know that it would later refer to a young lesbian).

Louisa May Alcott wrote with no ambiguatity whatsoever in "Little Women"; "As Mrs March would think, what can you do with four gay girls in the house?"
by Lorelili September 03, 2007
a term of endearment used between good friends. or also can apply when you are not sure of a girl's name.
Hey girl how are you?
by ashleyanne4 December 15, 2007
Something I just NEVER seem to get...it always seems like all da real catz can't get any chicks...

Girls, they want ONE guy, and thatz IT! And if they can't have that ONE guy, they're gonna say "all guys are jerks" and then their gonna become all sad or become all bitchy just over ONE guy that is probably "exactly what they are lookin for"

Girls need to realize that even though that ONE guy might not like them like they want them too, they NEED to move on, cuz theres other guys that want that same chick.

And these other guys (like me) try to get to know a girl like this, but we GET REJECTED.

Girls IGNORE me no matter what I seem to do. I try to go up to one, smile at them, and say "hey how's it goin?" but they ALWAYS ignore me or say "why do you care" BECAUSE I'm not that ONE guy they originally wanted in tha first place...

Girls want ONE guy DESPERATELY, and they will do anything to get him. And when they can't get that one guy, they'll start saying all boys are stupid. THEY NEED TO OPEN THEIR EYES and realize that guys like me would love to get to know them, but instead they ignore us. And this is EXACTLY why I get rejected everytime...

I'm 19 years old and I haven't even been on a date, I haven't even hugged a girl yet, and I try talkin to girls ALL DA TIME! I try bein nice, but I guess girls will ALWAYS be a "girl"
Me: "Hey, how's it goin?" :) *while smiling*

Girl: *walks by and COMPLETELY ignores guy*

Me (to another girl): "Hey, how's it goin?" :)

Girl: "why do you care?"

*Girl then probably thinks "what a loser"*

BUT WHO KNOWS what girls are really thinkin...
by ThaRealestNigga December 31, 2008
There are lots of different types of girls.
1)Some are cute and are kind to you and you are kind to them.
2)Some are very sexy, but these ones tend to be whores.
3)There are those annoying ones who are on about chauvinist pigs and the like, going on about how superior they are to men and how they wish men didn't exist, when they seem to fail to realise that they need men to reproduce and ultimately preserve the females of the human race, just as men need females for the same purpose, and these are the types that suck and should ultimately go to hell. These ones seem to think all boys are dumbasses, even though half of the time the girls who say this are in the bottoms of all their classes, and they fail to realise that there are many men who are smarter than them, along with other women who are smarter than them. These types of girls are just angsty losers raised to a prostitute mother who cried when she got AIDs from her line of work. These people are sexists.
4)There are also those ones that think that "girls are smart and boys are eww and disgusting ewww look its a boy eww." These tend to be 5 year old brats spoilt by their mothers.
5)Related to the girls in number 2, there are the ones who use their appearance to get what they want from us men, but let's admit it, the types of men who fall for this are stupid anyway.
6)There are the ignorant, spoilt chav girls who think they are the greatest and that they own you and the world, but in actual fact they are stupid, fat, lazy, and waste your precious precious oxygen.
1)When a cute, nice girl helps you out and you help her back. These ones are nice, unslutty, intelligent, funny, cute, and ultimately what makes girls so good.
2)"Hey, everyone thinks i'm sexy. I went out with 8 boys last week, and none of them new about the others, hahahahaha those losers!"
3)Sara.M, Walfadjiri, Like You Need To Know. (These all biased definitions of girl in the urban dictionary. Look 'em up.)
4)Alot of my friends have annoying little sisters like this.
5)A Succubus is a good example of this. There are lots of girls who seem to act like Succubus(sp).
6)Those annoying girls at work or at school/uni who are covered in make up or fake tan, but their horrible disgusting acne and dirty faces still show. They are the ones who throw tantrums if they get told off for being a right little bitch in classes, or give a false sexual harrassment claim against you to your manager with no strong evidence.
by AeroAstro November 07, 2006
Girls are an intricate race of polar opposites of guys. I'm not saying all girls are bad but I would say a HIGH majority of girls are just bitching attention whores. One day you're cool with them and the next they decide to randomly flip out over little piece of shit things and then proceeds to act like some brainless 2 year old.

Unfortunately statistics show that almost all of the nice, quiet girls are taken already. That leaves the rest of the girls and the G.I.R.Ls to be fairly split among desperate guys. Good luck finding a girl.
All the quiet, nice girls are overshadowed by their bitching attention hogging peers. Too bad. The world sucks but what can we do about it?
by ihatelifemorethanyou January 11, 2010
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