G.I.R.L. is a common abbreviation on IRC.
be careful when talking to girls!
G.I.R.L. = Guy In Real Life
by housetier April 05, 2006
Girls...the mystical sex. They enjoy (*GASP*) shopping and putting strange colored coats on their nails, only to be washed off by pure alcohol. :-/
They take more than 30 seconds to get dressed in the morning and spend 1/10 of their life in the salon. Do NOT attempt to approach one without a weapon.
More than 2 hours within contact of a girl before age 11 can be hazardous to your health.
One boy was sent to a girl's house while waiting for his parents to come home. Neighbors report they heard slashing noises and a high pitched scream. The boy was never seen again.
by Help! June 01, 2005
a creature crafted by the hands of God that i may be able to partially understand but never have
That beautiful girl could never be mine
by loveless soul March 29, 2008
1.Street term used amongst drugdealers and custees referring to cocaine;Slang word for cocaine.Oppisite of boy,heroin.
2.A young female;Oppisite of boy.
3.Simutaneously the BEST and the WORST
thing God created.
Definition 1:" You got any of that girl."
Definition 2:"That girl is too young to be out here this late."
:"This isn't girl, thats boy!"
by Makne February 20, 2005
They are like sheets of tinted glass, very fragile and it's really hard to see through them...
Day 1

Girl: Did you even think about me or were you too busy playing Half Life 2?
You: (Slightly lied) Of course I did, I was thinking of you while I play the game.
Girl: ....(not talking and left w/o saying good bye)
You: (Send her an E-Card and find a poem for her and tell her that you love her.

Day 2
You: Open your Email after you came from work/shchool...the Email said that she's braking up with you because she doesn't want commitment.
You: you think back of all the things you did for her, you're pretty sure she love you and now she's saying otherwise.

Possible explanations:
1. It's her period
2. There's someone else she like
by monarch January 31, 2005
something that i dont have 1 of, need desperatly, and cant do well without
im so lonely without my girls
by Hornball April 30, 2004
Entinity coming in various types and with different specials each. Develops to Woman when approximately 18 years old.

Evil (avoid! dangerous!):
This form will push you into a relationship and then consume all your time and money, force you to have sex with her and complain about your performance in general and your skill in bed in particular before either exchanging you with the next victim or stabbing you and then sell your internal organs. Judges all your actions (done to her benefit) as bluntly usual. Doesn't have any feelings.

Common (choose your words wisely and there'll be no problems):
Can be met almost anywhere. Fun to be with. Won't force you to anything except for conversation. Relationships possible but often difficult because of the lack of patience on either side. Judges your actions (done to her benefit) seperately but will take some of them for granted. Thinks that she can love, but she can't really.

Heavenly (no problems here):
This is what every boy wants. This form will be there for you in every possible way and won't ask anything of you in return. Extremely seldom but not extinct. Relationship duration can be increased by returning favors. Shows impressive amounts of patience. Will show great happiness when receiving a gift or favor from you. Better for both and the duration of the relationship if you act mostly similar to her (e.g. patience, being nice, cooking breakfast...). Capable of feeling love.

A girl (being complex and unique) will never fit 100% to the above definitions, but you have a basis to work with now.
Evil: My 2nd girlfriend. A real witch! And I were stupid enough to fall for her... NEVER approach this type without taking precautions! Avoid contact if possible.

Common: Have a look around you in the city or at your school. Approximately 75% of the girls can be considered as "common type".

Heavenly: You'll have to get to know lots of girls before you meet a "heavenly type" girl. Try nevertheless. It's worth the try. Difficult to spot easy to satisfy.
by Durel December 31, 2005
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