A girl who cries wolf is an all to common occurence in today's society. If a guy makes advances towards a girl that likes him, he's a hunk, cutie, or sweetiepie. If she doesn't like him, even with the exact same advances, he's a creeper, stalker or loner.
The girl will often retaliate by seeking to embarrass and spread all kinds of cruel rumours about the poor sap.
This often happens to any geek/nerd,skinny or shy guy that doesn't follow social etiquette and musters the courage to ask out a pretty or popular girl rather then pursuing the ugliest girl in school or simply remaining a virgin.
David, a nice,shy aw-shucks kind of kid who had a crush on kaydra, whose pretty grey-blue eyes made his heart skip everytime he saw here. One day he worked up the courage to give her a love-note is class. She was not impressed by this "loser" and became the girl who cried wolf ; spreading the rumour around school that David was gay.
by bitches be frontin' May 16, 2008
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