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a true girl skateboarder is one who doesnt skate just to pull boys or too look cool.. or to be like Avril.. a true one is who does it for fun and enjoys what she does.. and doesnt just up when they break a nail or get a grazed elbow... a true one atleast hows how to ollie (or even knows how to ride a board) and knows 10 other skaters rather then Bam margera and Tony Hawk.
real: yo, hus ur fav skater?
fake: Bam margera hes the best and gosh hes soo sexy..
real: right right.. heard of rodney mullen?
fake: er.. noo.. oh god look at that guy other there hes sooo going to show he i can skate.. hes too fit and woo hes looking at gonna go skate up to him.. *gets on board, starts to kick.. woops falls off board* Ouchh broke a nail.. worst day of my life!
real: shes not a true girl skateboarder :(
by truegirlskater September 11, 2005
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