You can look, but you can't touch.
Dude, the "girl next door" in your fantasy is my sister! Lay off!!!
by alex m. h. September 26, 2011
An average-looking, yet attractive, girl. Not too "she's out of my league".
Katy Perry is a girl next door-type.
-A typical girl you'd see everyday that is very attractive
(i.e. Susie Miller from Psych Ed is definitely the girl-next-door type!)
Usually refers to a cute, unattainable, wholesome girl, who a guy would like to make love to. She's the type of girl you can take home to your mother, but usually is a tiger in bed.
Amy is one of the "girl next door" types. She is just as cute as a pin, so I was completely surprised when she agreed to go out with me, and even more surprised when she was all over me when we got to the park. She blew me (and swallowed) before we even got out of the car, and was tight as a vise when we made love before I took her home.
by BRD August 28, 2005
A girl next door is basically one of two people. She's either the girl you first had sex with and didn't dare tell anybody about it -- because she was less than a 5. OR, she was the girl you wish you had sex with and told everyone you did anyway -- because she was such a hottie.
Friend 1: Did you check out that new girl next door?
Friend 2: Yeah man, I did her yesterday.
Friend 1: No way, you didn't do her...
Friend 2: Sure I did... right after doing your sister.
by Prothimos September 12, 2007
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