Ghetto Informant Program = GIP FBI pressuring blacks to tell of suspected militants in an effort to surpress the black movement in the late 60's and early 70's.
Time to go collect information in black areas and report back to paranoid white folks. Scared blacks telling on each other. GIP = Ghetto Informant Program...
by mich44 February 20, 2011
Get It Pumped (have sexual intercourse with)
* guy walking with attractive*

guys friends: G.I.P!!!
by nutbrain November 05, 2010
A Yorkshire term meaning to throw up.
"Oh shit, the dog's just gipped up!"
by Jill June 02, 2004
sucking up waste matter from the anus; akin to felching
Kate gipped badger clean and dry
by Maxisloth November 20, 2007
The word "Pig" backwards- Guy code.
Guy 1: Yo, Jordy look at that fat gip!!
Jordy: Holy fuck! call er ova.
Guy 1: Hey gurl, come ova hurr.
Girl 1: Hey guys *shy*
Jordy: You're the cutest gip we've ever seen!
Girl 1: *Blushes*
Girl 1: gip?! *runs away crying*
by MCmelody September 07, 2007
Another word for male ejaculate.
I appear to have expelled several reams of gip across your leg. Sorry, I'll get some tissue.
by Edsonic December 30, 2004
The opposite of a pig, which is literally gip,standing for a government issued pig. it is still a pig, but rather than being a regularly spelled and normal pig, it is a gip or government issued pig. so it's still a pig, but it's government issued.
That is a gip from the government ranch.
by Kristen Chiang July 29, 2005
Food, another word from grub
Yo im getting sum gip be right back
by dom March 11, 2005

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