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One of the best kinds of people to meet. Usually a girl's name. Exactly what the Italian name means, she is full of joy and aims to make anyone around her happy.
Very caring, compassionate, and puts other people's needs and wants first.
Very open minded and willing to discuss any problems.
One of a kind
Gioia makes everything right in this world
by Angie3 March 01, 2009
Gioia's are Dutch minxes, and bonafied badasses.
She is gorgeous, she is sexy, she is the best friend you should never take for granted or treat poorly and if you do, something is severely wrong with you.

She is unique and one of a kind; you will never meet anyone like her. She might not always know everything or understand certain things, but she can talk for hours and is very smart.

She is nerdy and fun and can be extremely shy, but get to know her because she is truly amazing.

Everybody loves a Gioia
by acidreflex March 03, 2009

Gioia's are the one you will love. The one to come home to at the end of the day and who will always be there through thick and thin.

Gioia's are the one to spend the rest of your life with!!
Always very sweet, understanding, sexy, stylish, an amazing cook, considerate, hilarious, and great in bed!

She is the Gioia "JOY-ah" of your life

Kevin-man I had the worst day ever
Barry- well, just go to Gioia's place, she always has some sort of tasty food and a big hug and massage ready to give.
by Davids12368 March 03, 2009
otherwise known as Godo. crazy little blonde kid that sounds like a man. gotta love a gioia
"hey that girl is exactly like Gioia"
by K-Izzle and Godo January 29, 2005

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