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A white guy who thinks he is a pirate and only pursues chubby red heads.
The ginger pirate passed out in the bar again right after he hit on that chubby red head.
by sixfeetofsnow November 05, 2009
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there is no definition for gingerpirate because they (gingers) have no souls and therefore cannot be pirates and if dizzy deleyenda has a ginger baby then he shall discard the souless gingerbastard of the cliff from 300 which is not filled with deformed or sick babies but other souless gingerbastards
ignorent fool :is that a gingerpirate???
massa rogee: watch your fucking mouth you know gingerbastards can't be pirates because jesus hast declaired balls on their souls and they (their souls) no longer exist

elephantman: thank satan I'm not a gingerbastard

markgbitches: fuck gingers
by massa rogee June 13, 2010
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