A kid that is "Blessed" with red hair of any shade, white skin, and many freckles that are told to be "kisses from an angel"
Me:Whoa! Look at that Ginger Kid!
NonGinger:*shutters* They creep me out.

For more information, watch south park episode 911
by Samanthaa* August 17, 2007
Ginger is a derogatory racial slur made popular by the cartoon South Park. The term ginger refers to people, particularly children, who have fair skin, red hair, and often freckles. It is most often used by young people of Caucasian decent. The use of this term is growing as the use of the word 'nigga' and other derogatory terms describing African Americans are becoming more socially unacceptable.
"Look at this psycho red headed guy snowboarding off a 80 ft. cliff. Just another reason why we should kill all ginger kids."
by Fairplaygirl April 16, 2010
Ginger kids are people with red hair, pale skin, and freckles. They were first brought to the world's attention in a South Park episode titled "Ginger Kids". Ginger kids have no soul, much like vampires.

People with red hair but no light skin or freckles are Day Walkers.
That Lauren girl is a ginger kid. "Hey, Gingy!"
by Lauren H March 31, 2007
Children with red hair, light skin, and freckles. We've all seen them. On the playground, at the store, walking on the streets. They creep us out, and make us sick to our stomachs. I'm talking, of course, about Ginger kids. Ginger kids are born with a disease which causes very light skin , red hair, and freckles. This disease is called “gingervitis.” Kids who have gingervitis cannot be cured. Because their skin is so light, ginger kids must avoid the sun, not unlike... vampires. Some people have red hair, but not light skin and freckles. These people are called “daywalkers.” Like vampires, the ginger gene is a curse, and unless we work to rid the earth of that curse, the gingers could envelop our lives in blackness for all time. It is time that we all admit to ourselves that gingers are vile and disgusting. In conclusion, I will leave you with this: if you think that the ginger problem is not a serious one, think again...
Ginger kids have no souls.

We must rid the earth of ginger kids.
by laddertoheaven April 29, 2008
If you ever see a creepy little kid with
-red/orange hair
-light pale skin
-many, many freckles
than it would be considered ginger.

These are the kids that need SPF 100 sunscreen when they go to the beach.This is because they burn easily.
They are proven to have no souls.
"That girl is soo ginger kid,with her red hair and freckles."
by Sammmy Bolognese April 24, 2006
A kid with red hair, plae skin, and freckles. Highly contagious is the disease gingervitus.
Kyle Souders is a Ginger kid
by Tito mathis March 19, 2007
Ginger kids have red hair, pail faces, and freckels.Ginger kids do not play sports. SO if you have red hair, pail faces, and freckels and play football or hockey you not ginger.Most ginger kids like balls and lots of dick in their mouth.
Justin is not only a ginger kid he is also a fag
by mike from canmore April 03, 2007

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