The current drummer for Marilyn Manson. His real name is Kenneth Robert Wilson, and he was born on September 28th, 1966 in Framingham, Massachusetts. His stage name is formed by combing the names of Ginger Rogers and Albert Fish. Despite many lineup changes in Marilyn Manson, he's only the second drummer (not counting a drum machine used from 1989 until 1991) for the band, replacing Sara Lee Lucas in 1995. He can be heard playing on Smells Like Children and every Marilyn Manson album afterwards, with the exception of Eat Me, Drink Me, the most recent release.

Ginger's drumming talent is oftentimes overshadowed by his knack for getting injured while performing (he's the eternal doom sponge). His injuries include having a mic stand thrown at his head, having a guitar smashed full strength into his hand (nothing was broken in this case besides the guitar), tearing a ligament in his right knee, and falling off the back of his three-foot drum riser and subsequently off the stage (Ginger was replaced by Chris Vrenna after this incident so he could heal during the year-long tour). In addition to these, Ginger's drum tech became fed up with Marilyn trashing the drum sets during the Guns, God, and Government tour. Hoping to put and end to this, the drum tech strapped the set to the riser. Manson simply broke the straps, and the extra force caused the kit (and Ginger) to be catapulted off the riser. When he landed, Ginger broke his collarbone. A month after this incident, a disc in his back herniated. Ginger has also had mononucleosis.
Damn, it's amazing Ginger Fish isn't dead or in a wheelchair by now...
by Hoodsie Woods February 16, 2009
Top Definition
marilyn manson's drummer
great live drummer
"ginger fish was great tonigt"
by miss1 November 09, 2006
Ginger Fish was born Frank Kenny Wilson on September 28 1966, in Framingham Massachusetts.
He was named after the notorious moon maniac killer Albert Fish and movie starlet Ginger Rogers.
Ginger is definitely very unique among the members of Marilyn Manson. He's been described by Manson as "the quietest and most dangerous of us all, a ticking time bomb gingerly waiting a cataclysmic explosion. Manson's also named Ginger as "the strangest and quietest person in the band". Ginger doesn't drink or do drugs, which for those who know the antics of the band is rather uncommon.

"ginger fish is a great live drummer"
by miss1 November 10, 2006
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