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A red-headed slut who sleeps around with as many guys as she can, and feels no remorse for her actions because she has no soul. A girl with a fire-crotch. A Dirty heartless whore.
There goes that ginger bitch Meghan. I heard she fucked like 10 guys in the last month. What a slut!

Oh look its gingerbitch McGee!
by Angelo Smith October 14, 2007
Slang for the fast-food chain known as Wendy's, due to the fact that there is a giant redhead on the sign.
"I'm starving. Let's head to Ginger Bitch and get some eats."

"Ginger Bitch?"

Yeah, Wendy's. Fucking giant redhead on the sign. Ginger Bitch."
by Tehmtnlion December 14, 2009
A ginger bitch is a person with red hair, and thinks they are better than everyone. The think they can over power you but really they are just pissed because they don't have a soul
Edie (Ginger Bitch) : Alex get back to Work!

Alex: No you can't tell me what to do!?

Edie (Ginger Bitch): Yes I can , and i will !

Alex: Fuck off u ginger bitch! ... Make me a sandwhich
by Juan Estaban Fiesta Carlos October 26, 2011
a conniving, pretentious ass douche that utilizes deception and malicious tactics of douche-baggerie in an effort to avoid conflict while elevating one’s self-efficacy all while maintaining a constant condition of burgundy tinted tresses in the cranial and pubic region.
I hate every ginger bitch within the confines of the United States. And Canada. especially french canadians. total cocksuckers.

All ginger bitches are curly headed fucks.
by brother of ginger bitch May 10, 2010
A Red haired, Pale-ish to very light skined, freckled person(A Ginger) who is not very nicee or is a Bitch
Jennifer: Monica is such a Ginger Bitch.

Nicole: I know right. Her hair is hella red not to mention those freckles all over her face, and her practically paper white skin

Jennifer: Yeah Dude, she is such a Bitch too.

Nicole: A HUGE Bitch!!

Jennifer: That is so True.

Nicloe: Its Official Monica is a Ginger Bitch.
by Thee Ginger Kidd. June 14, 2010
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