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The hair colour that all thieves have in common. If you see a ginger, the chances are he already has many of your possessions. Some say that the gingers use magical powers to stash large objects into theor pockets. This belief came about as the ginger people have an urge to steal the largest object in sight, regardless of value. The only way to defend against the ginger menace is to expose their gingery evil to sunlight, in which they will immediately catch fire and burn to death.
A ginger escaped from the zoo. Watch your wallet.
by Lord Nightbane April 17, 2007
a person with red hair usally an irish person
did you see that ginger hooker
by jordan luvs ya April 09, 2007
A red-haired freckled pale kid who has pasty skin.
Carrot Top is a Ginger
by jstein November 09, 2005
they have no soul,

also referred as ginger snaps

they give their friends gingerbread houses for chrismas

you can usually see them in movies like annie, pipi long stockings and resident evil

you can also see them blowing hobbits on occasion

also means red, anger, very revengeful
1 did you see that ginger the other day?

2 yeah wasnt that weird how he was on south park?

1 that ginger must be speical?

2 not really the ginger tried to kill everyone even himself and failed

1 that ginger was incredibly emo, and so cool

2, dude the ginger failed at trying to die

1 you gotta admit that the ginger was really cool

2 ok ok i do agree gingers are amazing cool and aweful at the same time

1 gingers

2 hehehe gingers
by gingerlover1109 August 23, 2010
(noun)A person with red hair and freckles. Some people hate them and use the term rather like a racial slur.
girl one: Hey, look at that ginger boy, he's pretty hot.
girl two: hmm... kind of, that one over there is hotter, though.

Girl one: I hope he breaks up with his girlfriend soon. She has genital warts and didn't like Apocalypto. She doesn't deserve him.
Girl two: What?!? That's crazy!
Girl one: She's a ginger.
Girl two: Ohhh. That explains it.
by Sammy Dodger December 20, 2006
Someone with flaming red hair, pale white skin, and lots of freckles. If their hair is not flaming, then they arent gingers. Gingers should be avoided, they are annoying little freaks with no souls, and are always complete fags. All other definitions are wrong. The only way some one is a ginger is if the color on the top of their head is FIRETRUCK RED. orange too. but bright red mainly. Auburn hair is not a ginger. Auburn means reddish brown. Gingers. suck. other. guys. penises.
kid 1 "hey, is Madison a ginger??"

kid 2 "nah, he has auburn hair. Lainie and Morgan are gingers though. Lets go kill them"

kid 1 "sounds nice"

kid 2 "you know it you dumbass blonde"
by Maddysun October 02, 2007
A person with pale, white skin, freckles, red hair, and a low tolerance level for sunlight is often called a ginger. The condition, known as gingervitis, is passed on from generation to generation through a recessive gene. Made popular by south park, many people will agree that gingers are unattractive, and many gingers will anonymously post things that contradict that.
Guy 1: Are you going to go out with her?
Guy 2: No way!! She's a ginger!
Guy 1: Oh, nevermind, I wouldn't want that pale skin and red hair in my bed either.
by John L . July 05, 2007