a person with red hair light skin and freckles they also have no soul and are mutants to normal people because they have a disease called gingervitus.
Cartman: I hate gingers they creep the hell outta me
Kyle,Stan,Kenny: Me to
by ducky&jellybeen April 21, 2008
A derogatory term used to describe people with red hair. Most have pale skin and varying degrees of freckles. They burn very easily in the sun light. Very very few of them are attractive. This term is mostly used to describe those with very pale skin, orangish hair and freckles all over their bodies as they are the least attractive of the human race.
guy 1: hey check out all the freckles on that ginger over there, gonna burnt right up. (vomits in mouth)

guy 2: why the hell is she at the beach anyways, bright red is not attractive.
by Yourmomssecretloverisme August 12, 2009
A ginger is a person with red hair. freckles and pale skin. some mutant gingers can have tanned skin, not alot of freckles or none. or not have the typicall fire red hair some execeptions are known. but the roots tell it all.

Gingers are a separate breed from us normal people. Gingers like to think of themselves as better than everyone else. But in fact they have no souls.

All this giving every normal person to descriminate agaisnt the gingers.
Isnt it great how the gingers think they are someone in this world when we all know they aren't. Thank god that gingeritisisn't catchable.
by The cool kid 69 420 May 21, 2009
People with red hair, either a light aubrn blonde, fiery red, or orangish/reddish tints. Acclaimed by South Park to have no souls. This only really qualifies for those who are naturally red-headed. Generally have pale skin and freckles, but can have other skin tones also. Gingers HAVE souls but it is humorous to joke that they do not. Boys are usually drawn to 'ginger' girls but the 'ginger' boys are ridiculed among peers.
Person 1: Want to hang out this weekend?

Person 2: Fuck no you're a ginger, you have no soul!

Person 1: YES! I DO HAVE A SOUL! **skin is shed and demon is revealed**
by L0veLi33G1rl May 15, 2010
hair colour between red and blonde.
"you have ginger hair"
by jon davidsonson September 13, 2006
A boy/girl usually with red hair and freckles. Gingers are usually big ol' "L's" (meaning liars). They are really annoying and nobody ever wants them around. Although these "gingers" usually have red hair, they could also have brown,auburn,or strawberry blonde hair to be considered "gingers". Gingers are most of the time really ugly. Nobody likes them ginger kids.
Carrot Top.
Lindsay Lohan.
They are both gingers.
by milokitty December 30, 2008
A ginger is a result of a genetic mistake, commonly formed by two ugly people having sex.
They are easily recognised due to their pale skin and ginger freckles.
It has been said that rubbing two ginger people together at the head creates a flame. (This has been proven)
Most genetic mutations have no effect on the success of the individual, alas this 'gingervitis' mutation has lead to lonerism, freakism and other defects.
There is no known cure though hair dye products are a popular alternative to bearing a gingey barnet.

There is a Welsh folk tale that depicts a red haired heroine that seeks revenge on the Romans for getting jiggy with her daughter. She attacks the Romans, going all ginger and crazy, but they just get jiggy with her instead. No worries, she loves it.
"A bead of sweat trickled from his coppor brow and down his handsome face -
nah, only joking, he was a ginger minger!"
by Alimoook December 03, 2007

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