Something people fight to ignore, and pretend is really cool. Ginger's are soulless and underhanded, they have loyalty only to Gingers. Much like the Keebler Elves they gather in trees to plot the downfall of humanity. But since Gingers are lazy they wont get anything accomplished, and since they are forgetful and stupid they will forget the way out of the tree, and suffocate. Then they will return to whence they came; Hell. Explain why they have red hair, Fuck Gingers.
Kid1: Hey fellow ginger, arent we such cool people right? I mean just today an old lady told me my hair was amazing
Kid2: Totally, nothings better than the respect of an elderly woman
Kid3: Cuntsickles
Kids 1 & 2 kick the stool
by Racist43 December 31, 2009
Looking at them burns your soul.
Ginger: hello

Normal individual: a piece of me just died looking at you.
by nudeagain December 10, 2009
1. a red headed Jew.

2. a finger, with brown marker in the form of a face. last name being, Index.
"hey Taze, did you see Ginger yesterday?"
"yeah.. she got a new nose! this idiot Ginger drew a new one on her index finger.
by hatesyoumorethantheotherone July 12, 2009
A ginger is a red haired, freckled, light skinned, red cheeked homosapien, who has a needle like shaft, and cold, ice-like testicles. they are believed to have no soul or feelings.
Look at that ginger berman, it looks like his hair is on fire.
by palm-tree,hinch,ginger-balls April 26, 2009
meaning a legend from the backwoods that has immigrated to a big city and/or someone who has redhair and many freckles to hide a darksoul that lies within and/or someone who has played with the freckles on a strippers breasts because they resemeble their own.
Did you hear about that ginger. He lives in the biggest city around.

He is a ginger kid, just look at him.

He is a ginger, did you see what he did at the strip bar? He gingered that girl. No respect
by thelegendman December 11, 2007
A red-haired school child who by default has overly, crustily, scaly, paley, and freckled skin. They are presumed to have no soul whilst having a low tolerance to the suns UV rays and a high tolerance to taking dick.
"Douglas Kirk is a ginger"
by pussymaster6978 November 01, 2008
another slang word for a nigger
(bob): that dude that just sold me crack was a ginger!
(joe): whats a ginger?
(bob): what one word can you spell with all the letters in the word ginger?
(joe): nigger!!
by mmhmmyippee January 13, 2008
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