A Ginger is a red haired pale human. There are several varieties of hair color that can classify as a Ginger. Out of the different classifications strawberry blonde does constitute as ginger, hence the "blonde" part.
Hey Ginger, how about you shut the hell up and find your soul somewhere!
by hippy234 August 08, 2010
a person with pale skin freckles and bright red hair
omg Niki D is such a fucking ginger

by Jesus Christ the 22nd July 11, 2008
A kid with red hair, pale skin, freckles, and the lack of a soul also has a name that usualy starts with an 'L' meaning lifeless. A ginger without frckles is called a dywalker
ahhhhhhh a ginger
by caulinrocker February 08, 2010
a person characterized by red-hair, pale skin and multiple freckles. Another key characteristic is their lack of soul. They are forged in hell out of worn-down souls. After being reborn on Earth through Satan's will, they act as spies in preparation for his hostile take-over.
Dana refuses to go out in the light because she says her red hair will lighten and her freckles will become more prominent. She also tends to speak in tongues and have fits. Gingers scare me.
by Dix E. Normous September 08, 2009
a type of human hybrid, often tall but not always, with a fire on their head. Many Gingers try to blend in with daily human life as spies for their master. They often claim to be humans but will fail at basic tests (like swimming underwater).Ginger ninja's are the warriors of their race.
Mum: Now remember kids, dont play with fire, even if it offers you sweets and money. The ginger is waiting for the right time for the probing to begin!
by WildSpork December 22, 2007
A person with "red" hair (can range from dark red to a light orange), pasty white skin, and freckles.

Contrary to other posts, gingers ALWAYS have very light skin and freckles. Those without are "daywalkers".

Gingers must usually avoid heavy sun exposure, as their low efficiancy melanin skin has a higher risk of sunburns. (The amount of melanin has no effect, it's the efficiancy)

Awareness and mocking of gingers has increased since the airing of southparks "Ginger Kids" episode 912.

People who have the ginger complexion are said to have "gingervitus" Although it's really just a sub ethnicity.
Jim: "Hey why is that kid walking around with an umbrella? It's sunnier than it has been all year!"
Bob: "He has an extreme case of gingervitus, his doctor recomended against heavy sun exposure"

Josh: "Hey look at the new ginger kid!"
Brett: "That's not a ginger, that's a daywalker. He doesn't have pasty white skin or freckleless"
by Kaerfskde December 15, 2007
A red-headed person, who is generally called into presence by repeated "Whoop Whoop"
"Whoop whoop! Ginger call! Hey Girl!/Boy!"
by 31337 master yaaaa April 01, 2009

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