1. A group of apparently very sensitive individuals. I've never seen an entire group of people get so offended by a harmless nickname. Oh, wait...

2. Gingers are very generally classified by their pasty-white skin, hideous "red" hair, and ability to scare small children with a simple look. They have no souls and are among the least attractive of all upright mammals. They are, however, taking over the earth, so you'd best watch your ass.

3. And, yes, I am a ginger. And I have a ginger daughter. Lighten up, folks. It's just a word.
Shut up, ginger.

Blow me, conformist.
by Red Hair Confrontational September 10, 2010
A sub-species of Homo Sapien that suffer from pale skin, red hair, and freckles. Gingers are often typically stronger than most normal humans. Their strength is what the general human population commonly refer to as "retard" strength. When in a sunny environment Gingers are put into a weakend state, to the point where it almost seems they are allergic to the sun. Prolonged exposure can cause them to become severely ill. As night sets a Gingers strength returns. The only effective way to stop a Ginger is to seperate its head from its torso.
Willian "Ginger Bread Man" Reid
Day Walker Leonard "Joe" Cooper
by Nav Aids May 05, 2009
vry zesty, spicy, woody, warming, golden root 2 liven up ur life. adds flavor & pep. stimulating & irresistible. makes you glow. inside out. yum, yum. especially w/ brown sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. mm. ginger fresh, crystallized and candied. 2 live 4. flavorful. mouth watering. hot. my zingy. zinggy, baby! impart my piquancy!
"ur my favorite ginger, Omar!"
and I'm ur spicy Cleopatra!
yum, yum. ginger fresh, baby. groovy. haha lmao.
never substitute powdered for fresh ginger. fresh is best.
by Aria G. May 24, 2008
1. Someone with pale skin, freckles, and red hair. Despite magazines saying that the new blonde is red, everyone thinks its ugly as fuck. In all white schools usually gingers are picked on or made fun of instead of other races. Actually I believe black people are moving up the discrimination list and gingers are discriminated against the most. (at least by teenagers)
1. "Look at that nasty ginger!"
by Im the Truth February 21, 2010
A red-haired, freckle-faced nerd of whom is repeatedly called "Fire Crotch" or "Ginger Nuts".
"Haha, you're such a Ginger!"
by Gingery Snicket July 07, 2009
a person with pale skin freckles and bright red hair
omg Niki D is such a fucking ginger

by Jesus Christ the 22nd July 11, 2008
A Ginger is a red haired pale human. There are several varieties of hair color that can classify as a Ginger. Out of the different classifications strawberry blonde does constitute as ginger, hence the "blonde" part.
Hey Ginger, how about you shut the hell up and find your soul somewhere!
by hippy234 August 08, 2010
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