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A red-headed person, who is generally called into presence by repeated "Whoop Whoop"
"Whoop whoop! Ginger call! Hey Girl!/Boy!"
by 31337 master yaaaa April 01, 2009
A red-haired school child who by default has overly, crustily, scaly, paley, and freckled skin. They are presumed to have no soul whilst having a low tolerance to the suns UV rays and a high tolerance to taking dick.
"Douglas Kirk is a ginger"
by pussymaster6978 November 01, 2008
meaning a legend from the backwoods that has immigrated to a big city and/or someone who has redhair and many freckles to hide a darksoul that lies within and/or someone who has played with the freckles on a strippers breasts because they resemeble their own.
Did you hear about that ginger. He lives in the biggest city around.

He is a ginger kid, just look at him.

He is a ginger, did you see what he did at the strip bar? He gingered that girl. No respect
by thelegendman December 11, 2007
A soulless demon set to walk the earth until they do enough good deeds to turn into a human and live a real life.
Luckily we can tell them apart from us normal people, they have flaming red hair, pale skin, and freckles.When they regain around half of their soul they only have the pale skin and freckles and then are known as 'daywalkers', this is because they can now walk in the sun safely. Be careful if you cross paths with one, they have no morals.
Friend One- Hey Ted, you see that ginger over there?

Friend Two- Of course, how could I miss the red hair?

Careful though, you don't know when it could snap.
by Arrrrrie June 16, 2011
red hair freckles pail skin ussally named marc or george with no pubes
your a ginger.
by saymenogingerfag November 07, 2008
A woman who has successfully given or received all of the following, alabama hot pocket, glass bottom boat, hitler stash, california sun chips, Modified T-square, Leapfrog, Female shocker, sandwich, spit roasted, Triple-Double, Rusty Trombone, Cleveland Steamer, hot carl, angry dragon, donkey punch, abe lincoln, Birmingham booty calls, dump truck, gym socked, Hot Lips Houlahan, houdini, dirty gas pump, jona and the whale, strawberry shortcake, newnan burito, new delhi dot, cincinnati blowtie, alligator fuckhouse, space docking, Tony Danza, and pink socked.
You gotta watch out for her shes a ginger.
by Mike Kyles August 09, 2007
all gingers are inferrior human beings
prince harry is a ginger
by arjayk March 27, 2009