Ginger is the god of gingers. Like gingers he has all the same features, he is just more awesome then his normal counterparts. Some may know him as Dylan, but that is just the name of his human vessel.

Ginger is the has been to take the form of a human being, but this is because of the deceitful nature of gingers and is trying to trick you. He is a nice, loving god but if you get on his bad side he will unleash his divine wraith upon thee and will make you wish you were never born. he has also on occasion unleashed he is army of gingers to kidnap people in the night. There are ways to appease him though, he enjoys sacrifices of food and drink(virgin sacrifices are welcome to), worship of him, and gifts of video games, movies and comic books. He will also be pleased with sex from women and only women. Ginger is known to converse with his oracle that is a magical talking toucan named Toucan. He also believes people with the initials J.B. are douches.

Remember that he is the most amazing thing ever, better than anything else and is incredibly sexy.
Person 1: Did you hear what happened to Jimmy because he didn't sacrifice a virgin the almighty and awesome Ginger?

Person 2: No, what?

Person 1: A legion of soulless gingers came and took him to bring to their amazing and wonderful god!

Person 2: That's terrible!
by True believer of Ginger May 01, 2012
A soulless demon set to walk the earth until they do enough good deeds to turn into a human and live a real life.
Luckily we can tell them apart from us normal people, they have flaming red hair, pale skin, and freckles.When they regain around half of their soul they only have the pale skin and freckles and then are known as 'daywalkers', this is because they can now walk in the sun safely. Be careful if you cross paths with one, they have no morals.
Friend One- Hey Ted, you see that ginger over there?

Friend Two- Of course, how could I miss the red hair?

Careful though, you don't know when it could snap.
by Arrrrrie June 16, 2011
red hair freckles pail skin ussally named marc or george with no pubes
your a ginger.
by saymenogingerfag November 07, 2008
all gingers are inferrior human beings
prince harry is a ginger
by arjayk March 27, 2009
A person with red hair, pail skin, and freckles.

They have no souls.

Me: Shut up.
by BillyBobBobbyJoe February 19, 2011
Someone with red hair, light skin, freckles, and no soul. Anyone who thinks gingers have souls is misinformed. Gingers, such as myself, suffer from a disease called Gingervitis. The ginger trait is recessive. A ginger is NOT someone with just red hair. That is called a Day Walker. Day Walkers are even more inferrior than gingers, because they are half-bloods. And as everyone knows, half-bloods suck.
Ginger: Let's go color!
Normal Person: Eww no get away from me you no-souled freak.
Day Walker: I suck.
by TheGingerbreadMan December 26, 2009
this used to mean a redheaded person to my grandpa....but this is an URBAN dictionary... this term refers to pussy, vagina. But not just any pussy, black womens pussy, which is bright pink the color of lets say "ginger". I first heard the term used in this manor on a Wu-Tang track. of course they claim not to eat the ginger. "i never eat the ginger"
in the 1800's the word Ginger refered to people with bright red hair, and i am sure people still use it today to talk about them today. I am writing this in 2009 people in an URBAN DICTIONARY not your grandma's slang dictionary!
"i never eat the ginger"
"boy has ginger in his teeth"
by You People Are Idiots February 19, 2009
VAGINA.. vagina.. VAGINA
can i see your ginger?
your ginger is showing!
toothed ginger
by patty R. January 02, 2008

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