A person who has red hair, pale skin and tons of freckles. They dont tan at all, just burn. Also Gingers have no souls. None of them.
*walking down the hallway*
-dude some ginger kid comes here now-
*gets wide eyed then looks at the random preacher beside you, who runs to the kid beating his head with a bible*
*ginger nearly drowns on holy water*
by Zander Sixx ughhhh April 15, 2011
Contrary to prior beliefs, ginger does not always mean red hair, freckles, and pale skin. Ginger stands for genius, intuitive, nice, gracious, energetic, respectful.
Do you know Ginger?
I have heard of her.

She is the smarest, nicest, most respectful person I know.
by tat24 January 04, 2013
the best fucking people you will ever meet in your life
know how to have a good time
amazing in bed
can hold beer well

overall the most amazing people in the world
hey i hung out with gingers last night
really your so lucky they are amazing but so rare
by kddga March 31, 2010
Idiotic (and not really insulting) slur against people with red hair, employed in Britain, Canada, and other heavily Anglocentric cultures. Often rhymed with equally nonsensical and stupid words like "minger" and "whinger." Not really used in America (where we have the balls to LIKE redheads), except by a handful of people who think that adopting British-style racism makes them sophistcated and cool.
"Gingers have no so-ouls! Nyaah, nya-"


'Maybe not, but we've got knuckles.'
by The Urban Husky November 08, 2011
A normal human being that just happens to be born with red hair, a lot of freckles, and white skin. They are not some sort of creature they are normal people. They live in houses! Not burrows. They arn't the result of some weird disease. They were just born with red hair, freckles, and white skin! Men find them prettier and more exotic! They are tipically smarter!
BOY ONE- Kat is such a Ginger!
BOY TWO- I know shes so hot!
BOY ONE- Kat always gets good grades!
by AnymousStars July 20, 2008
a ginger is a person with red hair who people are jealous of because their hair catches attention without making it all colors of the rainbow. gingers have been scientifically proven to have a higher tolerance to pain. it's also well known to anybody who's slept with a ginger that they are excellent in bed & are quite kinky.
"this patient needs a higher dose of anesthesia because they are a ginger"

"i've slept with blondes & burnettes, but nothing compares to those hot gingers"
by woosaw July 22, 2009
Some of the best people in the world, always smiling, always laughing, beautiful blue eyes and stunning red hair make a gorgeous combination. Secret Ninja's.
That is one gorgeous ginger!
by carolinablondes October 28, 2010
1) One who has coloured hair ranging in shades from Red to Strawberry blonde.Usually pale with freckles,less susceptible to electrical pain,more susceptible to sunlight. Although these r not a wholly 'ginger' traits & may not apply.

Loved, mocked & feared by those of different hair colours. Prejudice towards redheads is formally known as Gingerism& fear of them is Gingerphobia.

Usually associated with such insults as carrot top, ginger nut, Duracell and gingivitis - entirely unrelated, its gum disease.

Famous people e.g queen Elizabeth, Boadicea, celebrities -Nicole Kidman, Gerri Halliwell, Catherine Tate, Mich Hucknall- associated with this hair colour - on the increase this year as it has been hallmarked as the 'new blonde'.

Between 1& 2% of people in the UK have red hair

Red hair has more pheomelanin than other hair colours, but less of the dark pigment eumelanin thus causing the colouring

Redhead day is the name of a Dutch festival that takes place each first weekend of September in the city of Breda, the Netherlands.

It is said that Gingers have a higher sex drive, are better in bed, are generally more mischievous and known as 'kinky'

2) A type of spice used for cooking and also consumed whole as a delicacy or medicine

3) Earliest known ancient Egyptian mummified body dating back to pre 3000 bc

4) Various bands artists and groups
1) That person has ginger hair

Its a ginger...

Don't make them angry, they're ginger...

They must be good in bed... have you heard the rumours about fiery red head's?

2) Shall we add some flavour?

How, about some ginger...?

Would you like a gingerbread man?

3)Its a mummy :O

4) Wikipedia!!
by redhead rules December 02, 2009
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