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A person who has red hair, pale skin and tons of freckles. They dont tan at all, just burn. Also Gingers have no souls. None of them.
*walking down the hallway*
-dude some ginger kid comes here now-
*gets wide eyed then looks at the random preacher beside you, who runs to the kid beating his head with a bible*
*ginger nearly drowns on holy water*
by Zander Sixx ughhhh April 15, 2011
24 50
Pronounced Jin-jah, the Ginger is a rare breed of person. They have red hair. There are Dark Gingers and Light Gingers (according to haircolor.) There are often only two per region or area, and they are polar opposites of each other. One is usually extremely studious and well-behaved, while the other is wild and outrageous. They are typically a boy and a girl, and there is one dark and one light in each pair. You know how I know this? I'm a Ginger. I'm a light one, and I'm the wild one. We originated from the mountaintops of the Himalayas, so my grandma tells me. So there's black people, white people, Asians, Hispanics, biracials, and Gingers. If you ever come across a Ginger, yell DIE GINGER! And laugh in their face. If you particularly hate this Ginger, say to everyone that they love the other Ginger. The two Gingers typically hate each other. I know, me and the other Ginger aren't the best friends. It's a Ginger thing.
You see a gorgeous, curvy redhead girl or a really hot, built redhead guy on the street.

You: Oh my God I think it's a Ginger!
Ginger: Yeah, bite me for being hot.
Ginger: Shit! Run!! Run! I haveto get out of here!
You: Hey, that worked!

The Gingers are terrified of death. Ergo, yell DIE at them. But MAKE SURE they are a Ginger first!
by Lolabelle March 07, 2009
8 35
Gay kids without souls. Have freckles, pale skin, and red hair.
Dan is the biggest freaking ginger alive but, Abby is the only Hott one, Wilson, damn she is fine
by Tash Mahamody August 07, 2006
10 37
a kind and loving soul actually they dont have souls hahah ur a ginger love stephen aka fabio1@3$5

haha nathan is a ginger
aahahahahaahaahahha ur a ginger
by i hate soccer it is for girls January 15, 2011
2 30
A red haired person. Gingers do not have souls, and have numerous amounts of freckles. On rare occasions, usually a full moon, gingers can actually grant wishes. The only gingers known to have souls are hot ginger girls, that is the only exception.
"Did the room just get colder?" "No, that ginger kid just walked into the room." "Oh, that explains it."
by Jomajorsh February 08, 2010
13 41
A so called human without a soul and is zombie like. hair lit on fire by little devils hiding in the mothers uterus. they attempt to live in our society..soo gingers, asians, and retards should be shipped to mars
Ginger: a thing with red hair and red pubes, freckles, and unbearably pale skin..possibly yellow eyes
tip: dont stare directly into yellow eyes because you may be stunned momentarily
by J-Dizzzzzle July 14, 2008
19 47
a souless form of a human
the ginger gave me the death stare.
by Tyroneesha jamal johnston March 06, 2008
21 50
Ginger: They are gross people with light skin, red hair, no soul, and freckels. Theyre gross and carry a desiese known as gingervitus. They like to eat carrots, oranges, orange things etc. And the king of gingers is Duncan Tait. Btw fat gingers have diabetus.
Awww gross... CopperCab on youtube Ginger
by loljewgold96 March 08, 2010
2 32