A person with pale, white skin, freckles, red hair, and a low tolerance level for sunlight is often called a ginger. The condition, known as gingervitis, is passed on from generation to generation through a recessive gene. Made popular by south park, many people will agree that gingers are unattractive, and many gingers will anonymously post things that contradict that.
Guy 1: Are you going to go out with her?
Guy 2: No way!! She's a ginger!
Guy 1: Oh, nevermind, I wouldn't want that pale skin and red hair in my bed either.
by John L . July 05, 2007
this used to mean a redheaded person to my grandpa....but this is an URBAN dictionary... this term refers to pussy, vagina. But not just any pussy, black womens pussy, which is bright pink the color of lets say "ginger". I first heard the term used in this manor on a Wu-Tang track. of course they claim not to eat the ginger. "i never eat the ginger"
in the 1800's the word Ginger refered to people with bright red hair, and i am sure people still use it today to talk about them today. I am writing this in 2009 people in an URBAN DICTIONARY not your grandma's slang dictionary!
"i never eat the ginger"
"boy has ginger in his teeth"
by You People Are Idiots February 19, 2009
Being a ginger myself i can give the inside scoop. unlike some beliefs a ginger is not made by a genetic disease called gingervitus(which happens to be a gum disease that rots your gums and makes all your teeth fall out), but is caused by 2 devils having sex and creating a satan spawn, because satan and all his worshipers live underground they are not used to the power of uv light from the sun, which is why they burn. to avoid having ginger children the ginger parent must mate with an asian thus cancelling out the ginger gene. gingers prefer the night because it is less damaging to them. the south park episode about gingers is partly true, gingers have no souls, are wierd, should all be exterminated, will take over the world but we do NOT use umbrella's i was deeply offended by the umbrealla's, most gingers prefer to burn with honour.

many ginger children are bullied at a young age, lets face it we deserve it and therefore lose all self confidence, we then screw up in life, the true people are the ones who rise above being ginger and then enjoy their life with new self confidence, they may lead normal lifes as a bank manager or a politician, however they are always trying to become more and more powerful so they can take over the world.

believe or not i am ginger!! i am not the best looking person but that never stopped me so far, for a picture of me go to mingers.com and u will see me first page.
blind man: what a sexy ginger

rednek: lets go hunt us some ginger for tea
by El Diablo Jingero November 26, 2007
They all need to die! Damn gingers are gonna take over the world someday and your gonna see me killing em all!!!
Person 1"FUCK look at all these gingers!!!!"
Person 2"YEah dude get the M4's!"
Person 1 and 2" We clear of these damn gingers"
by Thekidwhohatesgingers January 10, 2010
a disease that cause stress and sadness to literally thousands of parents that are cursed with ginger children. More charities should be organised to help raise money for PERMANENT brown hair dye to be produced. I would like to point out to all the idiots that 'gingervitis' is actually a gum disease and is curable.
Wow, that dude suffers from gingerism bad
by Thomas Monaghan December 22, 2005
Redish brown haired person that are pail and freckle faced also have black eyebrows.Most gingers like to correct your grammer and have emotional breakdowns.
The faggot ginger tried to correct me on if funner was a word.
by Johnny Brooks March 23, 2011
a person with orange hair. most Gingers go around telling people that their hair is "strawberry blonde". This, however is bullshit. If anyone ever tells you that their hair is Strawberry Blonde, shoot them immediatly. If there is no gun at hand, try stabbing them or beating them senseless with a lead pipe. This will rid the world of ginger scum.
bean on a fork
David Lee
that ginger guy over there
the dude you know with orange hair.
by yomommaisfat June 04, 2005
A person who has red hair, pale skin and tons of freckles. They dont tan at all, just burn. Also Gingers have no souls. None of them.
*walking down the hallway*
-dude some ginger kid comes here now-
*gets wide eyed then looks at the random preacher beside you, who runs to the kid beating his head with a bible*
*ginger nearly drowns on holy water*
by Zander Sixx ughhhh April 15, 2011

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