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A person with pale, white skin, freckles, red hair, and a low tolerance level for sunlight is often called a ginger. The condition, known as gingervitis, is passed on from generation to generation through a recessive gene. Made popular by south park, many people will agree that gingers are unattractive, and many gingers will anonymously post things that contradict that.
Guy 1: Are you going to go out with her?
Guy 2: No way!! She's a ginger!
Guy 1: Oh, nevermind, I wouldn't want that pale skin and red hair in my bed either.
by John L . July 05, 2007
a souless form of a human
the ginger gave me the death stare.
by Tyroneesha jamal johnston March 06, 2008
Ginger: They are gross people with light skin, red hair, no soul, and freckels. Theyre gross and carry a desiese known as gingervitus. They like to eat carrots, oranges, orange things etc. And the king of gingers is Duncan Tait. Btw fat gingers have diabetus.
Awww gross... CopperCab on youtube Ginger
by loljewgold96 March 08, 2010
A rare colour of hair, but some gingers can develop the disease "gingervitis." Symptoms include a lot of freckles pale skin which means peopke with gingervitis can burn quickly in sunlight and in extreme cases a "loss of soul."
guy 1: "ha ha, a ginger!"
guy 2: punches guy 1, "don't laugh, he's probably got gingervitis.
by dsfkdgf January 01, 2008
Ginger is an olive skinned girl that is short, skinny and has the face of a chihuahua. Dark circles around her eyes and brown hair. Nose that is somewhat pointy and small. Thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. In reality...very insecure!!!!!
That ginger needs a reality check.
by Foxfur February 26, 2010
A person with red hair, light skin, and freckles. Gingers are joked to have no soul. Most gingers have temper issues. This issue is known as ginger rage. When a ginger is angry they will grit their teeth and say ginger rage to "activate" their ginger rage and do some crazy ginger shit. Many gingers try to defend themselves by saying the people making fun of them are racists. Ginger is not a race. A race is a group of people of the same heredity, not physical features. Gingers also say that girls/guys love them because they look unique. Gingers look gross and anyone who gets with a ginger gets made fun of. End of story.
Dude: Hey ginger, go die!
(ginger attempts to tackle dude and gets his ass kicked)
by Mthizzle3 April 26, 2008
A ginger is lower than dirt, they are characterized by red hair, pale skin, and freckles. Gingers are unloved not only be the community, but by there parents as well. Gingers can not stand in the daylight for their very pale skin will burn in an instant, because of this they are forced to roam at night in packs. There are those who are not quite a ginger, these are called day walkers, day walkers have pale skin and freckles, but no red hair. Day walkers arent treated like gingers, but are looked down upon. Day walkers can also be outdoors while the sun is out. The gingers suffer from a social and physical disease known as "gingervitis" this disease is hereditary (passed down from ancestors) and is not curable...fortunatly, there is hope for these gingers, they will no longer have to live with this horrible disease if we kill them soon and now, if we erradicate all the gingers, then there can be no more suffering of this disease.
Dang...Sarah K is walking around in the daytime..that ginger is sure to fry soon, lets go put her out of her suffering.
by Alex Neylon November 07, 2006
A person with pale-like skin color. Usually covered in freckles, have thick glasses, protruding lower lips, and red hair. Gingers have the special abilities to catch damn near every disease, virus, and bacteria known to man. Gingers lack personality and a sense of humor. They are not real people like you and me, unless of course you are a ginger yourself. A ginger's main fear is over exposure to sunlight, dust, and pretty girls. The arch nemesis of a ginger is a Zombree. Besides all of these great and superior characteristics, gingers are sterile and cannot reproduce other gingers (Thank God). An inhaler is a Ginger's best friend. Without the inhaler, a ginger could perish due to over exposure to non-treated oxygen.
See above for common traits of a Ginger and then decide if that person should be hung.
by Stoney Shaun December 13, 2007