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A ginger haired guy, normally because of being a loser at school with no friends because of being the ginger kid, has a massive chip on his shoulder.

Usually has very low self esteem is insecure, they tend to be very arrogant and they think they know it all, and take everything seriously. All while thinking everybody else is arrogant for not thinking like them.

They will try to compensate for their lack of value in someway or another, this could be, behaving like a dick towards others, or spending most their lives trying to be top dog in their career or something else, being fueled by their anger of being ginger and jealousy of other people.
Looks like my next door neighbor Adam has a bad case of ginger man syndrome, I said hi to him and apparently he thought I was being sarcastic, he won't talk to me now, he's a funny guy, no wonder he has no friends.
by devil rebel December 31, 2008
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