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a cheetos cheese puff
I stopped eating cheese puffs one day when I realized the orange and curved treats have a slight resemblance to a ginger dick.
by gis_in_my_pants October 04, 2010
a dick that is tinted red a long with a fire crotch. so everytime a girl goes down, they get blinded by the red-ish color of the crotch
dude, that guy's got a ginger dick.
by gingerlover<3333 February 01, 2009
A term used to refer to the penis of a typical ginger male, which is widely known and can be described as:
1. a vibrantly red/pink toned dick similar to that of a dogs dick

2. what you'd imagine a dick would look like if it were to have pink eye (as if you could squeeze puss out of it)

Although it is a common trait amongst ginger males, not all ginger males have ginger-dick.

See ginger-gina
Melissa was apprehensive to fuck her friend Xavier's, a ginger, for fear he'd have ginger-dick, but luckily for her, his dick did not make her want to vomit.
by ihaightnessa May 15, 2015
Term of endearment that can also be used in the pejorative sense depending on the mood and situation.
This souffle is so delicious, it tastes like warm ginger dick!

My mother found all my porno and threw it away. Why does she have to be such a mean ginger dick?
by mymassivegingerdick February 24, 2012
1. A form of oral sex in which edible oils are added to enhance sexual heightness for both parties.
2. A demeaning insult intended to question another persons manhood.
3. A sexual disease first seen in the bush near guinea. Symptons usually include: Brittle Dick Syndrome (see brittle dick disease).
"Hey gingerdick! Dont you have any sweater to knit?"

"My friends got it real bad, hes got them gingerdick disease."

"Im dying of gingerdick. My laps real sore!"
by Mike Bruce May 01, 2007
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