A gindi describes a Southern Asian (usually an Indian) that likes to talk and/or act black. A gindi can also mean someone's "dawg" or "homeboy" It is a word that is typically used among other gindis.
Michael: "Yo gindi you going to the movies tonight?"

Andy: "Naw mah gindi."

by ~LingLing55 January 24, 2008
Top Definition
slang for the suburb Tarragindi in Brisbane.
a suburb filled with general losers and bogans
check out that skank, she has to be from the gindi
look at those bogans, they must be from the gindi
by gindi-hater July 03, 2009
A gindi is a word that describes an Indian or a South Asian that tries to act black. It is also the equivalent of the "n" word in terms of use.
"Dam son, that Gindi is ugly as shit boii..."

"Yo what up my Gindi."
by ~LingLing55 January 23, 2008
racial slur for indians or south asians "nigger" for ndns or azns
that gindi right there is a punk
by indiangangsta January 16, 2008
A gindi may be characterized by or do the following:

1. Get the urge to whisper O sh*t when big black people walk by.

2. Lose the ability to whisper.

3. Go out of the way to look/act more slum than usual.

4. The 3 S's of gindianity/gindiism are Slum, Slanky, Sleazy. And in Krishna's case Stumpy.

5. Have irrational logic that only makes sense to yourself (gindi logic).

6. oooOOOOooohhhh BAH

7. Sticking out your tongue and looking surprised in known as the gindi face.

8. And we don't give a sh*t
I'm a gindi I'm a gindi I'm a gindi
by gindi123 March 29, 2010
a derogatory term used to signify a southern indian or oriental asian. This is equivalent to "nigger", "negro","cracker","spick","wet back" and "chink".
"that gay ass gindi thought he could front on me."

"This gindi here thinks he's gangsta,i say we fuck his ass up"

"What up my gindi"

"Thats my gindi right there"
by gangstagindi January 24, 2008
a term referring to an Asian, Indian, or honorary version of either who attempts to act in a manner, specifically black, that would deny his membership in either of the three categories. this title can only be granted by other gindies
Parth: I'm such a gindi

Anish: no you're not shut the hell up, fag!
by DrPhysics May 25, 2008
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