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A person who has a proclivity towards having sex with Australian Aborigines
Gin Jockey: pack of smokes and a six pack for a fuck?
Gin: no worries brudda
by WhackMeOneInTheShitter July 07, 2006
A white male who has sex with female Aboriginals

Gin = Female Australian Aboriginal
Look at that dirty gin jockey with that coon
by B-4 October 05, 2005
archaic form pertaining to white male australians with a preclusion or habit of sex with aboriginal women gins.
every time rob travels to Weipa he goes back to his old gin-jockey habits, the filthy fuckin slut.
by blasterass February 18, 2005
Archaic term used to describe a white australian male with a preclusion or habit of consensual heterosexual sex with aboriginal women or gins.
Rob's fishing trips are always interupted by his "breaks" at the mission,the fucking gin-jockey slut.
by blasterass February 18, 2005
sick white aussie who fucks abbo women
hey Neil, who's that sick cunt rooting that old smelly gin. fuck me, that looks like Steven the gin jockey.
by your mate rob August 31, 2010
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