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Possibly meaning "get in my bed" for an instant messanger.
Joe: I love you.
Sally: Me too.
Joe: gimb
Sally: ?? wat?
by pimpin asian July 13, 2006
Get In My Bed.
*Hot person*, GIMB. Now.
by GainingBananas May 21, 2011
Get in my belly- Austin Powers
Mini-me, gimb.
by clayamartinez November 02, 2010
means "giggle in my brain" and is an awesome alternative to saying lol, because most people do not ACTUALLY laugh out loud when they type lol. so please people, start using gimb. and it DOES NOT mean get in my bed like the previous person so foolishly thought. its "giggle in my brain".
by CoolioSexyBeast May 28, 2009