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1. Republican political philosophy characterized by extreme short-term thinking and manipulation of a single issue for temporary gain. 2. Fiscal misgovernment resulting from extreme short-term thinking and a shallow approach to social responsibility. 3. The combination of extreme short-term thinking with zealotry and manipulation of social and cultural issues like right-to-die cases. 4. The dominant philosophy of the Republican Party (USA) since the late 1990s.
The George W. Bush administration is Gilmoreism armed with nuclear weapons.
by LCL November 08, 2005
A phrase that one of the Gilmore girls uses. Often a reference to pop-culture or politics.
Person 1: "Look who died and made you Hayley Mills."

Person 2: "That is totally a Gilmoreism!"
by SamanthaGilmore October 15, 2007