someone who laughs uncontrollably in a very funny way which makes him an icon in his social group.
1."Did you see that Sean Perkins? He is such a gigglepuss!"

2."Hey Gigglepuss."

"Sup Bra?"

"You're such a beast!!!"

"I know right..."
by Gigglepuss October 17, 2008
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Any person who laughs uncontrollably for extended periods of time about nothing whatsoever, therefore appearing little girlish.
A gigglepuss is prone to laugh attacks.
Scott is such a gigglepuss that the slightest breeze can make him giggle for days.
by jwart April 20, 2007
a person who laughs in a hillarious way, in which makes him cool in his social group.
"Did you see gigglepuss?"

"He's such a beast."

"I know right."
by gigglepuss October 20, 2008
a purple star fish shaped animal. think the michelin man. or patrick star from spongebob. but bigger, and squishier. it must be purple to exist. and it giggles in a very high pitched voice. "ahhhhahahakekekekeke". that is the sound. it doesn't talk. just giggles.
you are sure being a gigglepuss today
by bakingham April 08, 2011
to have a high pitch laugh and to laugh uncontrollably at the most minor moments of comedy....
"dude, did you see sean at the movies?"

"yea man< he was being such a gigglepuss!"

"I know right, he is such a beast!"
by sean perkins a.k.a. Gigglepuss November 14, 2008
its when you motorboat the girls pussy, right before she cums. You then pull out and start laughing and cussing.
OMG!!!!Kenny is such a fucking bitch. He pulled a gigglepuss last night.
by matts gay March 16, 2010
to be a beast among your peers by having uncontrollable laugh attacks, which in turn makes everybody else laugh, making him a beast>>>
"Dude did you see gigglepuss?"

"yea man, he be such a beast!!!"
by gigglepuss December 05, 2008

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